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right. bad idea, worse idea, and yet.
children of dune - leto 1
So there may be things about myself that I find--questionable and difficult to talk about. However, it's not like I hide that anything to do with hardware is my porn, so wtf, let's talk about how trying to write AIRPS porn turned into a strange and surreal journey in which I have two computers and neither completely work right now.

The Adventure Begins

This started--innocently!--as a deep desire to try ubuntu and find out what the hell the fuss was. Okay, so. I went and read carefully on how to go about this and decided my new netbook was going to be the victim of my curiosity.

Again, this can be blamed on the fact I'm something like six thousand words into a five thousand word AIRPS story for help_haiti and basically, something had to give. So I learned how to format a USB drive to bootable, got my Windows 7 Starter discs and put them on there, then formatted wee Netbook, aka Absinthe. Weirdly appropriate name, come to think. Downloaded the ubuntu netbook program, got the ISO, put it on my hard drive for the next installation. Formatted Absinthe the netbook, reinstalled 7, then burned ubuntu onto the drive and installed that.

This Is Where the Story Goes Wrong

1.) Windows 7 wont' run anymore.
2.) My wireless is not working in Ubuntu, and the help files keep crashing when I try to use them.

You would think--maybe--that would be enough, but at word 8,000 of the five thousand word fic that is due in like, two days, and before I knew ubuntu would destroy my soul, I decided that Adam should go to Windows 7 64 bit because I officially was going to commit murder if I couldn't get rid of the keyboard drag. Which to be fair was really bad at this point. By the way, that's gone! Yay!

I'm going to spare everyone the long and difficult story of finding a.) firefox for 64bit, b.) finding out everything has to be run by right click Run as Administrator no matter what, and c.) Dell refuses to show me Windows 7 64 drivers because my computer did not originally come with Windows 7 (THEN WHY SELL IT TO ME?) leading to going by memory who manufactured my hard drive and drivers (useful application of my habit of taking my laptops apart) and tracking them down. Also, lots of programs aren't like, into 64 bit. Like, things I use. Daily.

But whatever. I no longer have keyboard drag. I am thinking I may have done the equivalent of nuking the village to get rid of a splinter, but to be fair, this was one irritating splinter.

....did I mention I no longer have keyboard drag?

More notes on Windows 7 64 and adventures in Ubuntu (what. was. i. thinking?) and AIRPS fic that may end up ten thousand words at this rate later.

No keyboard drag!

...you can laugh now. I won't even get offended. If you use Ubuntu, you can laugh for the next month if you tell me how to get my wireless working.

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My partner has used Ubuntu excessively, so maybe she could help? Then again, she hates Windows with a dying passion and refused to get Windows 7 for her new baby laptop, so perhaps not, especially if it has something to do with the two of them fighting for control of your soul.

She'll be back this afternoon (just left) and might be able to help then if you still have questions. I'm betting someone else steps up/in before then though given the speed demons over here.

Poor Ubuntu - really it was all 64bit's fault, wasn't it. I just wondered why you couldn't use a programme to tell you about your hardware, because I expected that unlike me you have all sorts of bootable rescue discs (I do have one now; it runs on Ubuntu; no, I can't use it).

So you are trying to have dual boot on....the netbook? Or more to the point, what wireless card isn't working? Or at least the model of the computer so the wireless card might be reasonably guessed. Google is your friend, your bestest friend in this case.

Unless you're just trying to fix Windows 7 and dump Ubuntu...*is confused* In which case I am of no use at all. (Daily desktop Linux user for the last several years, I have no clue about Windows Vista or 7 except that 7 is...better? IDK *hands*)

On the netbook, I wanted to create a dualboot between Windows 7 Starter and Ubuntu for netbook. According to everything I read, my netbook shouldn't have had any problems, since it was completely compatible (you can buy it with Ubuntu installed as well, identical hardware).

Dell Mini 1011, Wireless 802.11g (1397) Mini Card.

See... posts like this pwn my soul. I WANT to be able to haul out the screwdrivers and go to town, but I am far too chicken to fondlehandle the innards of my electronics.

I am covered with envy at your madscientist skillz and wish you all the best with 7/Ubuntu.

And now I wonder what the pairings-mash would be...

And you wanted to touch James.

*LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY* Here's how the Ubuntu issue goes at my house:

1) Husband installs Ubuntu on my machine
2) Nothing works
3) I take computer to professional and pay hard cash to have him get it to work with Ubuntu
4) Husband updates my machine with new version of Ubuntu
5) Nothing works
6) I take computer to professional and pay hard cash to have him get it to work again.

No help at all, I know, but you invoked flashbacks from the last time I had this little go round. *TWITCHES*

I don't use Ubuntu, but my older brother has been using various Linux distros for years. He's set up dual and triple boot systems, and has played around with every version of Windows up to Windows XP as well as Ubuntu and Ubuntu 64-bit.

If you don't have anyone else to help you, I'm sure he'd be happy to take a crack at it. He's not on LJ/DW, but he does have Y!M. Let me know if you'd like me to get him in touch with you.

I have Windows 7 (64bit) & Ubuntu dual booted to my desktop, which was fun to achieve but works fine now - Of note, W7 most definately wants to be the Boss, thinks it's the Boss and wants to be first, and thus i had to add in ubuntu after the W7 install, while Ubuntu is pretty easy going and doesn't much care about the sequence of things, except in how it is actually the one that handles the dual boot (which is something to do with the sequence in which the OS's boot - i can't remember the exact details, it was a while ago).

All this is a long winded way of saying - try installing W7 back on it's own and run Ubuntu from the flash drive, or from a disk - you'll probably find once you get used to it, you won't use Windows anyway and ubuntu is far less of a hog in terms of disk space, memory and processor use.

As for your wireless - have you tried Ubuntu's help pages?

I had oodles of fun finding 64bit drivers - Officially, windows 7 should run anything on Vista drivers, but, well yeah - not so much. If there's anything specific you're stuck on though, give me a shout as I may be able to help.

Wait, there's a x64 FF? I don't think I'm using it and I'm running W7x64.

I had to google for it. It's called Namoroka and is pretty much just like firefox. I didn't even lose an extension.

Huh, okay. But what's the difference with my current FF?

*hands* No idea. Windows 7 was being so difficult I defaulted to finding 64 for everything. Which as it turns out, I can find, it's just not usually easy to find.

Ubuntu (latest edition Karmic Koala right?) has quite a few wireless card drivers by default but not all of them (which is how I ended up in the same situation as you a few months ago).

If you know what your wireless card IS, this page should tell you if Ubuntu supports it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported

Alternatively, try this:
(1) stick the live CD you installed from back into your computer and reboot. This will allow you to boot off the live CD.
(2) check to see if you can now access the internet - if you can this means YAY the live CD has the driver you need to get your wireless card to work.
(3) Reboot, taking out the live CD when prompted. Once in your installation of Ubuntu, go to Software Sources in your System > Administration menu and add the live CD as a source for files.
(4) Tell your system to get latest updates. This should get the right wireless driver you need, using the CD as a source.

I'm afraid I burned out my motherboard (argh) two days ago so I can't give you step by step instructions. However, the Ubuntu community site (https://help.ubuntu.com/community) is a great resource, as is google. With reference to adding software sources and programs, here's a reference page: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installingsoftware

Trying the live boot from usb (netbook does not have CD, holy hell, I did not relaize how much I depend on that for core programs).

So I went in and now it has a thing for propriety drivers. I went there and it said I didn't have any, but two broadcom were not activated. So I activated and it downloaded and installed both, for a glorious second my wireless came up, then died, then went back to boot in normally after a restart. Then I went back to the propriety driver thing and downloaded and installed drivers.

(Um, I'm actually writing this as I do it.)

It's taking a while, so I'll update when it does something.

Trying the live boot from usb (netbook does not have CD, holy hell, I did not relaize how much I depend on that for core programs)

Does a netbook have the oomph to run an external cd/dvd drive? I've looked at them but since I prefer the size and portability of a PDA (I have an iPod Touch now! Whee!) I know very little.

You know... I'm not sure. Theoretically the netbooks running with Atom chips should have the oomph and power to run an external cd/dvd/blueray drive. I mean they can handle HD.

... Wait - iPod Touches are PDAs???

Actually, they're iddy-biddy computers! :D Love it. Looooove iiiit.

Apple seems to insist iPod Touches are MP3 players but damned if it doesn't do everything my Palm TX did and does it better. As usual, the proprietary programs are adequate but dear god there really is an app for everything!

Including ones that turn your iPhone into a 'massager'. ::snrk:: Rule 34 turns up in the damnedest places.

Okay, it just hangs at Downloading and installing driver forever.

Is it attempting to download from the internet or is it just freezing? Netbooks, sadly are lacking in much processing power.

Alternatively, are you installing Ubuntu for netbooks? (There are two versions now - a light one for netbooks and the usual full one)

Also: are you installing drivers while live booting from USB? Because that might not work - um, very well. (Not sure, haven't ever done it that way)

Rather, live booting from CD (or USB) allows you to confirm if the drivers for your wireless card exists in the CD (or USB). If it does (and from your earlier comment it looks like it does), then when you boot back normally, within the Software Sources window, tell the system to look at the CD (or USB) as an additional software source. Once you've done that, tell it to download any additional drivers etc and install.

What's Ubutu? ::too lazy to look it up::

Also- 64 bit is a pain in the fundament. I have Vista x64 and, oh, what a joy it is.

Ubuntu - distribution of Linux, an open source operating system. Check out ubuntu.com

Ow. 64 bit. You really want to be on the bleeding edge, don't you? :D

Perhaps Windows doesn't like the partition it's on after the reshuffling?

OMG. I have 64 bit and just bought and downloaded 7 yesterday. I'm taking my own sweet time with installing it.

My motivation is my iPod won't sync. I'm hoping it will in 7, please please please.

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