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So there may be things about myself that I find--questionable and difficult to talk about. However, it's not like I hide that anything to do with hardware is my porn, so wtf, let's talk about how trying to write AIRPS porn turned into a strange and surreal journey in which I have two computers and neither completely work right now.

The Adventure Begins

This started--innocently!--as a deep desire to try ubuntu and find out what the hell the fuss was. Okay, so. I went and read carefully on how to go about this and decided my new netbook was going to be the victim of my curiosity.

Again, this can be blamed on the fact I'm something like six thousand words into a five thousand word AIRPS story for help_haiti and basically, something had to give. So I learned how to format a USB drive to bootable, got my Windows 7 Starter discs and put them on there, then formatted wee Netbook, aka Absinthe. Weirdly appropriate name, come to think. Downloaded the ubuntu netbook program, got the ISO, put it on my hard drive for the next installation. Formatted Absinthe the netbook, reinstalled 7, then burned ubuntu onto the drive and installed that.

This Is Where the Story Goes Wrong

1.) Windows 7 wont' run anymore.
2.) My wireless is not working in Ubuntu, and the help files keep crashing when I try to use them.

You would think--maybe--that would be enough, but at word 8,000 of the five thousand word fic that is due in like, two days, and before I knew ubuntu would destroy my soul, I decided that Adam should go to Windows 7 64 bit because I officially was going to commit murder if I couldn't get rid of the keyboard drag. Which to be fair was really bad at this point. By the way, that's gone! Yay!

I'm going to spare everyone the long and difficult story of finding a.) firefox for 64bit, b.) finding out everything has to be run by right click Run as Administrator no matter what, and c.) Dell refuses to show me Windows 7 64 drivers because my computer did not originally come with Windows 7 (THEN WHY SELL IT TO ME?) leading to going by memory who manufactured my hard drive and drivers (useful application of my habit of taking my laptops apart) and tracking them down. Also, lots of programs aren't like, into 64 bit. Like, things I use. Daily.

But whatever. I no longer have keyboard drag. I am thinking I may have done the equivalent of nuking the village to get rid of a splinter, but to be fair, this was one irritating splinter.

....did I mention I no longer have keyboard drag?

More notes on Windows 7 64 and adventures in Ubuntu (what. was. i. thinking?) and AIRPS fic that may end up ten thousand words at this rate later.

No keyboard drag! can laugh now. I won't even get offended. If you use Ubuntu, you can laugh for the next month if you tell me how to get my wireless working.
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