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reboot: war games, link to discussion
version one, frog love
Hmm, okay, the_moonmoth suggested I do a post on racial balance and diversity in War Games, since the story, in probably every important way, was influenced heavily by Racefail last year, and I tried to write a story that worked with a lot of different discussions that came up and worked very deliberately to diversify the ensemble cast. What I'm not sure of is a.) the level of success and failure and b.) if readers would feel comfortable critiquing it on those points with me or in my LJ, since I think it should be also called in how it failed and where on those points or how it could have been done better. Nor am I entirely sure that if that discussion occurs anywhere, if I should be involved at all, since by nature that's kind of inhibiting. I also think that me pretending it was all a happy accident in casting the characters because I am just that organically good at diversity is kind of ingenuous of me, because it really was something I had to think about and more importantly, remember to keep doing. The character list I added was also at one time my notes and reference guide so I couldn't forget and default to what I'm used to, and even then there were points of failure, one of which still annoys me in retrospect even though it worked very well as a compare/contrast later.

Anyway, for now, the_moonmoth discusses it with me in this thread where I--clumsily--explained what I was doing with that and how. Anyway, if anyone does want to critique it for that, I'll only enter the discussion at invitation since I really, really would like, if anyone has a problem with it or how it was written, for people to be comfortable saying how it didn't work and why it didn't work without worrying about author interference or excuses. Or tantrums.

If anyone wants a more formal entry on what I was attempting to do with it in terms of racial diversity, colonial/class attitudes, Bechdel, and using xenophobia as a stand-in for racism, I can do that, or I can answer questions on points of uncertainty or failure here, either one, or you know, both. I mean, War Games is not like a seminal work of art here, but since the_moonmoth had such good questions and made me think a lot about what I was doing and for that matter, what I wasn't, I thought I'd toss this out.

Also, for kernezelda regarding Sorin, go here; you may feel a little better about what I was doing. This would have been my email to you when you expressed concern, then I was in deep editing and rewrites and then pretending the story didn't exist for a month.

ETA: Clarification--if anyone wants to critique, etc somewhere not my LJ, I won't wander over uninvited to defend/excuse/tantrum whatever. And even at invitation, I'll honestly have to consider if it will affect any discussion negatively or inhibit criticism.

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*votes for the formal entry* :)

*de-lurk* i would love to see the formal entry!

i love your work, your meta, your writing in general and i was so very delighted with War Games, and i definitely wondered how much of the casting, the commentary on xenophobia, etc, had to do with all the talk of race in fandom in the past year. i mean. not that you are not inherently awesome! but i wondered if perhaps it hadn't been casted/written more explicitly at least partly in reaction - and i would love to hear about your thought processes.

i also think it's an important point to make, that you tried, that the diversity didn't come magically but had to be consciously attempted, that even now all the issues may not have been handled perfectly but the author thought of them, and made an attempt to say something. you often see that argument from well-meaning people, that they don't know how to handle these issues and they're afraid of getting it wrong, so they don't try. and here you are, trying, respectfully, with lots of careful thought put into it, and still acknowledging that it may yet have shortcomings! and this is OK! and people should talk about it! and YOU are talking about it!

seriously, so many high-fives just for the fact that you are freely and openly welcoming discussion/criticism, and making an effort to add said discussion, while also maintaining enough distance that people feel comfortable saying things, etc.

*flail* i loved your story beyond words, with the layers and layers of world-building and the plotty awesome and the hilarity and - OMG. *incoherently happy* and i think it is so very awesome that, having written such a story, you are deliberately encouraging this particular kind of dialogue here. it is such an excellent example of the diametric opposite of Faily McFailypants.


Sadly, you and I are out of synch when it comes to fandom. We began in harmonious symphony when we were both in the Smallville fandom, but now I am in SPN and you are in Star Trek/bandom/Merlin. Occasionally, we overlap, like when you write Stargate. But mainly, I look forward to when we will both be in the same fandom again :)

Umm... I'm not sure what it says about me, but I didn't notice things being off with your racial diversity. The characters you picked and presented seemed very natural. It just flowed. I think if all your original characters were Caucasian humans then I have Red Flags pop up in my head. I think what your talking about is a bit over my head and I was too oblivious to notice. I really don't know what that says about me. I understand the plot and your spider webs; I think for me, I believe diversity is more natural state to be in than not. Xenophobia/racism/"change hatred" is an unfortunate and natural survival response.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I feel like I'm rambling. Just, since you pointed it out, I'm very glad your cast of characters was diverse and amazing.

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