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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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you may not know this, fabric of reality, but....
seperis 2
Dear Universe,

Dystopias are not meant to reflect the actual future.

Fiction: 1984. Not Fiction: School Administrators, Webcams, and Students at Home: Do I Need to Draw a Picture of How FUBAR This Is?

Fiction: The Handmaid's Tale. Not Fiction: Miscarriages Are Always a Criminal Offense By Women: Come on, Convince Me to Join the Republican Party Now, I Fucking Dare You

Not Fiction: Coward Who Kills People With Plane Heroic: So It's Okay to be a White Terrorist, Really? That's the Lesson? - also, note from an Austinite. Fuck yourself, apologists.

Not Fiction: Anti-Semitism Alive and Well in Fandom: Summarizing This Will Require Projective Vomiting, Read at Your Own Risk

Dystopias are not meant to reflect the present, either. Just a note in case this can still be fixed. Thanks.


*sigh* Sometimes it feels safer to stay tucked away in fandom.

fandom perpetuates plenty of these problems. sigh. i know what you mean, but don't kid yourself fandom is ideal space. it's safer for some groups; certainly not all. :-<

All of this makes me hate the world so hard. D: D: D:

Reality makes me sick.

Didn't know about the first one but how they could even think it was appropriate is beyond me. Knew about the second. Some people are just plain insane. Same with the third.
I didn't get the 4th one. Didn't know which one you were referring to.

However, it does seem society is going crazy these days or maybe it always was and it's just easier to find out now.

It was the comment thread on the last one - I did nt know which Secret it referred to, either, but the comment thread was a charming display of anti-Semitism (from someone who, though anon, did not to my mind show evidence of having the reasoning skills to preserve a distinction between that and anti-Zionism, so I'm charging her with both). I am choosing to be encouraged by the number of people who called her on it. (I didn't expand any of the sub-threads; I do have limits to how upset I'm prepared to make myself on purpose.)

I know what you mean. I've taken to not reading the newspaper or reddit/r/atheism during working hours because the amount of anger and face-smacking was becoming noticeable.

Wow. You warned me, and I know I shouldn't have read even though I knew about all but the 2nd and 4th ones, but now I'm crying all over my keyboard from being so heartsick. I honestly don't understand how people can think these things are OK.

It makes me want to work harder for the other side, that's for damn sure. Give me a few days to get my rage on, though. I need to cry in the corner some more before I'm ready.

(Deleted comment)
It's still better than it was seventy-five years ago, or fifty years ago in terms of human rights and overall (not specific, many countries were left behind and held back deliberately) standard of living has risen. It just doesn't feel like enough when we take all these steps backward from where we should be by now.

The fourth one really makes me angryface, because it is perfectly possible to object to the state policies and goals</a> of the nation of Israel without hating on unwilling conscripts. People and nations are separate things, but apparently the poster there doesn't have enough 'monkeyspace' in his brain to consider anyone in the IDF as a separate individual. So I'm not mad at his Israel hate, I'm angered that he doesn't have a more nuanced and complex opinion to articulate.

unless I missed something, the anti-IDF anon there never identified its gender. I'm interested in how you (and some others in that thread) came to the conclusion that the anon was male. did I accidentally skim over its identification?

and purely academically, arguing that a soldier has no choice is basically arguing the Nuremberg Defense, which in international law is countered by the Fourth Nuremberg Principle -- that following orders of superior officers or other government actors is not a valid defense for participation in war crimes or crimes against humanity, and there is quite a sizable case against the IDF for having perpetrated crimes against humanity. the law provides that individuals may and must be charged under those circumstances.

I don't, however, disagree that the anon was taking its stance to an unreasonable and anti-Semitic point. the anon was far, far over the line of rational political discourse and obviously had an axe to grind.

Your link to the webcam insanity is the stuff of rabid nightmares. *Shudders*

On macbooks the webcam light comes on when the webcam is active, so I wonder how people didn't know it was on. The comments on JF refer to Undercover but that piece of sofware apparently locks the user out of the machine one a photo of the thief is taken (this is you've installed the software and registered your macbook) so either that's been circumnavigated somehow - in this horrible case - or there's more spyware out there.

I read somewhere that they were told the webcam light was just a 'glitch' and that the camera wasn't really on.

The second one pisses me off. Especially since all the female senators voted for it. We are not incubators!

This seriously broke my brain/made me absolutely livid.

And I live in Utah! (the state where the miscarriage law was passed), which, while I have no intention of being pregnant, scares the hell out of me. Sometimes, being a woman in this state is not a comforting thing to be.

We're studying Kafka, and the beginning of WWII and all around that time period in several of my classes right now, and sometimes the legislation and things that happen now are way too eerily reminiscent of the things we're reading and talking about.

TL;DR: the world is a scary place to be.

Guess which one I had not seen today? Wow. So much wrong there.

That Utah law seriously makes me sick.


*starts collecting tea in a bunker*

Okay, I'm going to go off to a corner and be all kinds of depressed now.