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two things, unrelated...or are they?

Part A

(This Is) Not a Statement, AIRPS, Adam/Kris, is up at AO3. You know, I didn't realize this, but the power of suggestion is a lot stronger than I thought it was. Just like, someone asking it required me to do it this morning. After coffee, of course.

Part B

Spartacus: Blood and Sand - A Helpful Primer by hradzka NSFW NSFW ALERT DO NOT OPEN AT WORK PENIS NAKED THINGS NSFW NSFW but open when you get home and then like, watch this show. I think hradzka may have created a protofandom on the strength of his primer and hilarious twitter reviews. This--and I am not exaggerating--may be the next Big Fandom. And it's all thanks to hradzka.

If you are really historically anal--that being anal about history--yeah, no. If you like oiled men, yes. If you are really worried about accuracy, no. If you liked 300 purely on the basis of the violence-porn (and oiled men. And the running. God, the running. Do you remember the running? I remember the running), welcome! If you are like, all character driven intricately plotted things or whatever, no. If you love Lucy Lawless, I have no idea why you are here and not downloading.

(This is all gathered from hradzka, who if you remember, and you'd better, the words "Oh John Ringo no!". Yes. That. I have high hopes of reviews of more John Ringo novels in the future.)

Who wants to do a group watch with me? Apparently, there are a lot of "gladiator training sessions". With oiling! I miss the running thing in 300, you know?

I need to quote this, because it's very persuasive:
But it has a stoic, intense, emotionally unavailable hero who has a protective, emotionally supportive, and physically contrasting male best friend; it has a hero who has nothing to do with the women, because they are physically separated and because both the powerful female leads hate his guts, so the women literally *cannot* get in the way of the slash; it features two socially powerful women who make no bones about seeking out their own sexual satisfaction, often graphically; it has male-on-male sex, portrayed as part of a devoted relationship; it has a fairly diverse cast of actors who originate from Ghana, Australia, Lebanon, and more; it features slavery, which becomes a fanfic AU for *every* fandom, as an integral component, with powerful women using men as sex slaves; and it has a ton (quite literally, at least 2000 lbs worth) of well-muscled men who walk around for whole episodes wearing nothing but loincloths and baby oil. Sometimes they forget the loincloths.

I couldn't even pick my favorite sentence out of that paragraph.
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