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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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two things, unrelated...or are they?
children of dune - leto 1
Part A

(This Is) Not a Statement, AIRPS, Adam/Kris, is up at AO3. You know, I didn't realize this, but the power of suggestion is a lot stronger than I thought it was. Just like, someone asking it required me to do it this morning. After coffee, of course.

Part B

Spartacus: Blood and Sand - A Helpful Primer by hradzka NSFW NSFW ALERT DO NOT OPEN AT WORK PENIS NAKED THINGS NSFW NSFW but open when you get home and then like, watch this show. I think hradzka may have created a protofandom on the strength of his primer and hilarious twitter reviews. This--and I am not exaggerating--may be the next Big Fandom. And it's all thanks to hradzka.

If you are really historically anal--that being anal about history--yeah, no. If you like oiled men, yes. If you are really worried about accuracy, no. If you liked 300 purely on the basis of the violence-porn (and oiled men. And the running. God, the running. Do you remember the running? I remember the running), welcome! If you are like, all character driven intricately plotted things or whatever, no. If you love Lucy Lawless, I have no idea why you are here and not downloading.

(This is all gathered from hradzka, who if you remember, and you'd better, the words "Oh John Ringo no!". Yes. That. I have high hopes of reviews of more John Ringo novels in the future.)

Who wants to do a group watch with me? Apparently, there are a lot of "gladiator training sessions". With oiling! I miss the running thing in 300, you know?

I need to quote this, because it's very persuasive:
But it has a stoic, intense, emotionally unavailable hero who has a protective, emotionally supportive, and physically contrasting male best friend; it has a hero who has nothing to do with the women, because they are physically separated and because both the powerful female leads hate his guts, so the women literally *cannot* get in the way of the slash; it features two socially powerful women who make no bones about seeking out their own sexual satisfaction, often graphically; it has male-on-male sex, portrayed as part of a devoted relationship; it has a fairly diverse cast of actors who originate from Ghana, Australia, Lebanon, and more; it features slavery, which becomes a fanfic AU for *every* fandom, as an integral component, with powerful women using men as sex slaves; and it has a ton (quite literally, at least 2000 lbs worth) of well-muscled men who walk around for whole episodes wearing nothing but loincloths and baby oil. Sometimes they forget the loincloths.

I couldn't even pick my favorite sentence out of that paragraph.

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I'm delurking to say OMG TOO FUNNY!! I have so many NSFW things to open when I get home today.

Hee he

I haven't seen Spartacus, I hear it's quite violent and I just can't take violence.

Um, What's AO3?

Oh ok. I like reading stuff there.

Dude, Spartacus is the BOMB. You've seriously never watched it? You'll seriously enjoy it. Added bonus: every time I hear the title it gives me an little chuckle because of Clueless (eternal love for Alicia Silverstone).

hah, that'll teach me not to comment before I check the link. I'm talking about the old Tony Curtis version (one my all time favorites). I didn't even know they had a new one out, I can't wait to see it now!

My mother and I have been watching Spartacus since it premiered (because we get all those movie channels and Mom loved 300). I think that primer pretty much nails it.

SPARTACUS FTW!!!! I'm totally in it for the oiled men and peen. And Lucy Lawless. Why don't I have icons of oiled, naked bloody men? WHYYYY??!!

I may try this strictly because of your comparison with 300, which I rewatched last weekend. Why do more people not know how awesome that movie is? Oh, the running. The naked thighs! Sigh...

OMG, I just read the primer and I'm going to spend the next three days shouting: LOOK OUT, HERE COMES ANOTHER GLADIATOR TRAINING SEQUENCE! at random intervals!

Crap, now I AM going to watch this.

Heh. There's one point on which I don't necessarily agree wrt fandom favs, but otherwise, yeah. That's pretty spot-on. Lucy Lawless is brilliant.

It is exceptionally gory, though. Episode 4 is basically wall-to-wall torture-porn, for those who may have reservations about violence...

JSYK, the user names/people names in your Notes section for (This Is) Not a Statement seem to have disappeared.

Edited at 2010-02-24 11:59 pm (UTC)

...so this would never, ever be my fandom, even a little, and it will make me twitch madly like a mad thing with its history-fail, and I don't even like oiled naked men or penises!, but somehow I will wind up watching it anyway because you're a vile evil bad person and I am your bitch, right? Basically? *sigh*

And yes, your names are missing from your acknowledgements in TINA(S), which, hey, I want the world to know that my sulking has POWER, dammit! ;)

Also, what is this about John Ringo no? I am deeply intrigued - that one book of his was INSANE.

Which one book? Ghost, with the creepy "this is how I picture myself, bigger and badder than Dick Marcenko" fail?

Yes! It's like sex&violence&ickypolitics porn for the Fox News crowd. The BOAT! With the S&M coeds and the parental consent to take them into international waters and play mindgames with them, and the nuking! While they have lesbian experimentation back on the boat and he, like, SHOVES TAMPONS INTO HIS BULLETHOLES.

*koff* I kind of love flailing about how drug-addled that book is.

Hee! XD I call those train-wreck!shows. As in it's bad, you don't like it, yet somehow you just. Can't. Stop. Watching. @_@

I need to hunt down this John Ringo book....

Thank you for the TINAS file!

Oh JFC, I just read the "OH JOHN RINGO NO" piece and John Ringo's response (best part: "it got voted Best Romance of the Year in 2005, OMFG, I giggled for WEEKS", apparently John Ringo is a giggling fangirl? Or much younger than I had thought, which would make Ghost make more sense). I am so, so glad that I never read further into Ghost than the preview at the end of one of his other books (Cally's War, maybe, which was fucked up on its own). The dude deserves a medal (both dudes really; Hines for writing it and Ringo for being a good sport). Also, the responses to John Ringo's response are also hilarious, and are making me look up Baen's Bar again.

I couldn't even pick my favorite sentence out of that paragraph.

Sentence? Heck, I'm not sure I can pick out a favorite word.

Damnit. I watched the first Spartacus, and the sheer awfulness turned me off. Now I'm going to have to watch the rest. For the funny.

Thanks for the link! I look forward to the fannish reaction to this show, if there is one. It's just so completely insane.

God your review made me want to watch it and I hate explicit horror-level violence but my God, the sheer badness and potential for hilarity and the bizarrity. And the crack. Oh the crack.

Your reviews are like, the most awesome thing in history. Just. Wow.

maybe I will give this a try, if you write fic for it *G*

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