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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's way too late to be up and reccing and i don't care
children of dune - leto 1
I'm awake anyway. What the hell. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Or when I pass out unexpectedly while doing something insanely unproductive as, you know, work. Priorities, priorities.

Maps and Legends by my new favorite obsession, sparkledark, and yes, it's unfinished, but I'm basically a junkie at this point. Trust me, go read now and you'll be insanely happy. Because I honestly to God cannot imagine anyone else using condiments for impromptu art and making it so much fun. Hurry and finish. Please.

Better Than Ice Cream by Kelly. It was a long and twisty path to get to her, since it required A.) Jaymalea saying, this LJ has recs! and B.) Going to this journal and finding the rec then C.) the junkie thing taking over when I realized it was UNFINISHED and imagine that, I kept on reading. It's good. That's the important thing. Very, very good.

Irresistable by s.a., and she wrote SV and so I just jumped and went oooh. Because completley expectedly, it's good. Stylistic, which I adore when it's done this well, and sweet and well, you get the idea.

Happy. Be happier if these were, you know, FINISHED, but happy.

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Hope you don't mind me adding to these recs. :) mintwitch</a> has been writing some wonderful Brian and Michael stories that can be found here:


Lachrymose by Bianca is also great. Brian/Justin.

*perks up* recs? Here?

Oh, thank God. *hugs*

Technically, we are "finished"

It's just not all online yet :-)

It's all written, it just needs to be edited, so it's not like you'll be waiting a month for Rachel and me to come up with the next chapter.

I probably will have the next one up today, maybe the next two. It will all definitely be delivered this week, I promise.

Oh, and it makes me insanely happy that you're insane over it :) Thanks for reading.

Re: Technically, we are "finished"

It's so sad that my first instinct upon reading was to do a happy dance of joy.

You're both doing excellent work. Just amazing.

Hey, thanks for the recs, have been thirsting over new QAF stories for a while. And seeing as you enjoy reading fics from this fandom, I have a few recs of my own. I'm not sure if you've read them or not, if you have... ignore me!

Lachrymose is an absolutely stunning QAF fic, that truly touches the heart.

All of Nightsister's fics - she has totally nailed the characters.

London's newest fic, Magnum Load - post season 3, and in my opinion, the best of all her works so far.

And last but not least, Eleventh Hour by Mesa. I have read this several times over, and each time, I seem to enjoy it more.

:) Hope I'm not been repetative.

Mmmm. Recs. It's like Christmas, except with porn.

*sighs contentedly* Thannnnkk you.

It's entirely fucking cool that you like my story, because I so respect everything you've written. QAF is a great, if small, fandom.

*nod* It really is. I'm enjoying it a LOT. And you write AMAZING fic. Truly amazing.

Lisa Gray has a new gap-filler for episode 308. Reheated. She's on geocities, and her site has been really busy today, be patient.

It's like you actually read my mind when it gets desperate. *hugs* Thanks for the heads up!

WIPs are hateful, hateful things. Yet they still tempt. And I can't really hold anything against their authors because everything I write is pretty much a WIP.

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