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reboot: war games, final update
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, last update that gets its own entry!

PDF Download

War Games, 4.87 MB, PDF file, created by girlnamedpixley and with some different art that appears in the online version. I have instructions from her, pasted below:
This is formatted for double-sided printing, so if they print it front and back, the left margin is wide enough for a 3 hold punch.

The blank second page is there for a reason; it's the back side of the cover image so that the text of the story begins on the right hand page, as it should for printing. That's only important if they're printing it out.

Any other updates will be added to the War Game Master Post here


girlnamedpixley added a few things to the art round-up.

Dr. Melody Huang
Healer Sorin
Lieutenant Gaila

These three can be found on the character list page and also in the story itself in parts 3, 8, and 12.

Alternate pics of T'Prina, Torren, and Gary Mitchell also added, and a link to the picture of Ensign Jacobsen, originally posted to spock_uhura by skywaterblue, with a link to the original comment.

Also added is a picture of Battlestations 3's game cover, since obviously it was created by Playstation here.

All art is contained here as well.

Reference, Citation and Character List

Updated with characters, links, and references here. This is a work in progress as I track down my bookmarks and um, re-read my fic. Seriously, I've never read it all in one go. It's surreal.

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you've got something wonky with the link to the picture of Sorin... and. wasn't it a big deal that Melody had blue eyes? because in that picture her eyes are brown. *duck*


It's a good picture. *shrug*

Thank you so much for this, girlnamedpixley! I was waiting for this because I don't get that much computer time these days and needed to print it. Still, it's so beautiful I'd probably do it anyway, just to keep it ♥

Oh! You're so very welcome! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I'm thrilled you like it so much.

Oh, that's terrific! I love the illustrations, too. *sigh* Pretty, pretty Vulcans and Orions and Humans, oh my.

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like the artwork. :)

*admires it some more* :) This is not at all how I had pictured T'Prina and Torren and Mitchell, but I love them. T'Prina looks so confident in that pose with Spock on the cover, and her hairstyle, as well as Torren's, just adds that touch of personal choice, a defiance of the standard image of Vulcans.

Jenn described the characters to me in depth and I went on a treasure hunt for just the right representations. I'd bombard her at night with who I found and who might work and I could tell from her reactions when I really hit the bullseye in her mind.

T'Prina was (surprisingly) the easiest, which was a huge relief because she was so pivotal! But when we found her we just instantly adored her, and it was great because I was able to acquire several different images of the same model -- I may still be adding a few T'Prina images to the two that currently exist.

Sorin was by far the hardest. And I had pictured him being much older than Jim and Spock and Melody -- it blew me away when I found out he was YOUNGER than them. I'd already read the story with him cast as an older man. So that was kind of boggling and made it hard to find the right photo of him. Which I finally did, but only at the last minute. : )

I wanted to dl the pdf and the internets says your site doesn't exist. :(

Something odd there - the link worked for me a couple of days ago, now I too get a dead link

I'm on my third read through, incredibly awesome and I'm still picking up details. Although now I'd really really like to read the flashback to Spock's comment on Jim's Vulcan...please?


OK, I just spent the weekend mainlining this fic. And. Wow.

I'm not actually sure I have the words to describe how much I love this story. It reads like a really really good Star Trek novel. I'd say it reads like a really good episode or movie, but frankly none of them had this level of political intrigue, action, snarky dialogue and interesting characters.

At one point during the action on Remus I remember thinking "Ael t'Rlallieu would die in shame if she knew her government was working with Orion slavers!" Yes, that's where my mind went.

Shut up, I've had to replace my copies of My Enemy, My Ally and Spock's World three times in the last ten years. You can imagine how tickled I was when I got to your notes. I'm going to read this over and over and over, I can already tell.

But now--now I want to know what happened! What about Sorin? What about T'Prina and the Grayson Test? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!

That sounds ungrateful for the tremendous amount of work you put into this story, and I'm totally grateful that you wrote it at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you *runs off to reread*

I made myself an epub, based on the AO3 upload, with a bit of prettying up and a toc based on your chapters.

If anyone wants a copy it's here:


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