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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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reboot: war games (single file) at AOOO
children of dune - leto 1
War Games archived at Archive of Our Own. A PDF copy should be up um, tonight or tomorrow, I think.

Apologies for not doing a single file. I seriously have been posting to LJ too long. It just did not occur to me to do that. Which is sad on a variety of levels.

In my defense, it is snowing in Austin. No, I am not kidding. There are flurries.

...snowing. IDEK.

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Haha. Had to comment. Because seriously. SNOWING.

It hasn't gotten to us yet. (I live in the southeast, by Houston) and...SNOWING. I get you. -nods- It's kinda freaking me out, to be honest.

sure, when the levees broke, we got fucked in the ass. but it doesn't snow here. ahhhhh.

This year is so weird weather-wise.

war games (single file) at AOOO

Hey thank you! Haven't read it yet but this means I can download and read on the train this weekend.

(It's shocking to respond to something nice with a request for more, but is there any chance of getting This is not a statement up as a single page too?)

This week, probably by Friday depending on my work schedule. That has to be edited and then my corrections from LJ added in, so it'll take a bit longer.

Yay! (And no pressure obviously)

...sooooo, all of Central Texas has shut down, right? I grew up in Austin, and well I remember the panic when a single snowflake touched the ground.

Thanks for the update!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks very, very much!




*giggle* I hate to say I was waiting for your reaction, but I totally was.

Dude. (Dudette?) I'm going to read this on my *Touch* this weekend at my inlaws...does that give you any indication of how much I want to read this story?

I created ebook versions of your story but I won't be able to post them to the Ebook Library until after Escapade. If you'd like the copies I'd be willing to send them your way.

I also think it's hard to break habits. :) I'm just happy you remembered about A03! I was looking forward to seeing your American idol story up there. (the 59k word story)

Have you given any thought to putting (this is) not a statement up there, too?

P.s. I'm really, really, really glad you put War Games on AO3. Reading 12 LJ entries did not seem like a recipe for funtimes

I was about to and then I found a file of corrections from a friend, so I'm finishing that in the main document first. Plus, I do on the fly lj corrections that I don't update in the master because I can be that lazy. Probably by Fridayish? I wnat to say tomorrow, since work is slow, but now that I've said that, I feel they are going to give me things to do.

It looks nice in AO3! And I found new and exciting typos. Just. IDEK.

I am both envious of your snow and horrified that it is snowing in Austin!

*steals several flakes*

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