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rebootfic: war games, master post

Title: War Games
Author: Seperis
Codes: James Kirk/Spock, Nyota Uhura, Leonard McCoy, Ambassador Spock, Sarek, others
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Star Trek IX
Word Count: 109,651
Summary: Sequel to You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While). The Federation and the Romulan Empire have been on the verge of war for what sometimes feels like forever; this is the place where what passes for peace might end.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Epilogue

Resources, Citations, and Character List

Complete Art Directory, created by girlnamedpixley.

For PDF and alternate archiving, skip to the end of this entry.

War Games
War Games

So I lied. I decided to do it today. It has taken--God--eight months, numerous rewrites, multiple betas, and weeks of procrastination, but finished! Finally. And surprisingly long at that.

Author Notes: Thanks to: ymfaery, kernezelda, jazzy_peaches, shinetheway, and girlnamedpixley for the wonderful betas.

Thanks to girlnamedpixley for the amazing art; she went above and beyond and then far, far beyond that to create something amazing.

Thanks to transtempts and winterlive, who pre-read and held my hand and kind of pushed me until this was done.

Warnings: some violence, mental coercison

Other Versions

PDF Files

War Games, 4.87 MB, PDF file, created by girlnamedpixley and with some different art that appears in the online version. I have instructions from her, pasted below:
This is formatted for double-sided printing, so if they print it front and back, the left margin is wide enough for a 3 hold punch.

The blank second page is there for a reason; it's the back side of the cover image so that the text of the story begins on the right hand page, as it should for printing. That's only important if they're printing it out.

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While), 1.15 MB, PDF file, created by girlnamedpixley


War Games and You'll Get There in the End archived at AO3.


Spanish language version of You'll Get There in the End in progress here by ronnachu


You'll Get There in the End, read by revolutionaryjo

Art and Character Directory

girlnamedpixley added a few things to the art round-up.

Dr. Melody Huang
Healer Sorin
Lieutenant Gaila

These three can be found on the character list page and also in the story itself in parts 3, 8, and 12.

Alternate pics of T'Prina, Torren, and Gary Mitchell also added, and a link to the picture of Ensign Jacobsen, originally posted to spock_uhura by skywaterblue, with a link to the original comment.

Also added is a picture of Battlestations 3's game cover, since obviously it was created by Playstation here.

All art is contained here as well
Tags: fandom: star trek reboot, fic: other fandoms, fic: translation, reboot: war games, reboot: you'll get there in the end

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