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reboot: resources, citations, and character list

Master Post

This is a work in progress as I find all my notes and add links. This contains spoilers for both stories. Updated 2/20/2011


Character Directory

Original Characters:


Commodore Atkins, Starfleet, assigned to Starfleet Refit Station orbiting Earth
Dr. Sarah Clemens, xenobotanist, Vulcan Colony, former relationship with Captain Gary Mitchell, current bondmate of Sekar, one child
Admiral Green, Starfleet
Dr. Melody Huang, Vulcan Colony, former bondmate of Sepak, one child, Selar, Picture
Dr. Tai Nagu, xenolinguist
Captain Phillips, Starfleet (retired)
Commander Munroe, nurse, Starfleet Medical
Ensign Powell, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Ensign Renfield, Starfleet, assigned to Starfleet Refit Station orbiting Earth
Ensign Roo, Alpha Centauran, Computer Maintenance, Starship Enterprise
Dr. Enrique Valdez, Starfleet, Surgeon General and head of Starfleet Medical

Cadet T'Prina, full
Cadet T'Prina, full


Sekar, xenobotanist, bondmate of Dr. Sarah Clemens, one child
Selar, son of Dr. Melody Huang and Sepak
Sepak, former bondmate of Dr. Melody Huang, one child, Selar
Sorin, Healer, T'Ven Hospital, Vulcan Colony, former Adept of Gol, Federation disaster contractor, second bondmate of Dr. Melody Huang, Picture
St'vok, Vulcan Colony
Teren, Healer, neurology, T'Ven Hospital, Vulcan Colony
Torren, engineer, Vulcan Science Academy graduate, accepted to Starfleet Academy, Picture
T'Mana, daughter of Ambassador Spock and T'Sora
T'Prina, Starfleet Cadet, intern on Starship Enterprise, Picture
T'Ren, Sarek's third wife
T'Sai, Healer, telepathy/empathy, gynecology/obstetrics, T'Ven Hospital, Vulcan Colony
T'Sora, xenobotanist, Ambassador Spock's wife, one child, T'Mana, Picture

Torren, full
Torren, full


Technician Rayiyah, engineer, Chief Scientist of Gilen Industries, contractor for Orion Syndicate
Technician Leesa, astrometeorologist, employee of Gilen Industries, in charge of engineering on the Soli
Technician Elris, astrometrist, employee of Gilen Industries, in charge of communications on the Soli
Technician Irylli, engineer, scientist
Technician Dyoshi, engineer, scientist


Avis, Orion spy for Starfleet, murdered
Dar, aka Mark, Ferengi, smuggler,
Ddgrr, Denebian, Starfleet Cadet
Gfel, Gorn/Andorian, Stationmaster, Begammon Station
Ensign Bree, Tellarite, security, second in command of Security, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Ensign Mir, Gorn, engineer, Starfleet, Enterprise
Crewman Mlk, Denebian, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Ensign Rel, Tellarite, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Captain Tvl, Denebian, captain of the Starship Mariposa
Captain Tzel, Starfleet
Dr. Lyra Uloi, Betazoid, doctor, telepathy/empathy, Starfleet Medical

Playstation 20: Battlestations III
Playstation 20: Battlestations III

Star Trek Reboot Canon

Admiral James Komack, At Memory Alpha, Picture
Admiral Christopher Pike, Starfleet, Picture
Ambassador Spock, Vulcan Colony, Picture
Captain James T. Kirk, Starfleet, captain of the Enterprise, Picture
Commander Spock
Commander Winona Kirk, Starfleet, Starship Intrepid, mother of Captain James T. Kirk, Picture
Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Bridge Crew, Chief of Communications, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Lieutenant Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, Chief pilot and navigation, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Lieutenant Pavlov Chekov, navigation and tactics, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise
Lieutenant Gaila, Starfleet Security, Picture
Ensign Jacobsen, pilot and navigation, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, Picture, originally posted to spock_uhura by skywaterblue in comments here
Ambassador Sarek, diplomat, Ambassador to the Federation, Vulcan Colony, Picture
Dr. Amanda Grayson, xenolinguist, second wife of Sarek and mother of Spock (deceased), Picture

Captain Gary Mitchell, full
Captain Gary Mitchell, full

Star Trek Canon (TV, Movies)

Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Starfleet Headquarters, At Memory Alpha
Captain Gary Mitchell, Starfleet, captain of the Valiant, At Memory Alpha, Picture
Lieutenant Christine Chapel, nurse, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, At Memory Alpha, Picture
Lieutenant Evans, Chief of Security, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, At Memory Alpha, Picture
Lieutenant Jackson, communications, Starfleet At Memory Alpha, Picture
Ensign Harrison, security, partner of Lieutenant Evans, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, At Memory Alpha, Picture
Ensign Singh, engineer, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, At Memory Alpha, Picture
Janice Rand, yeoman to Captain James Kirk, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, At Women of TOS
Rumiko Tamura, crewman, parnter of Ensign Roo, Starfleet, Starship Enterprise, At Women of TOS
Dr. George Samuel Kirk, brother of Captain James Kirk, At Memory Alpha, Picture

Star Trek (novels etc.):

Dr. and Dr. Sulu - Final Frontier by Vonda McIntyre

Star Trek Citations:

Sunseed Project - My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane at Amazon
Adept Vulcans - Spock's World by Diane Duane, My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane, at Amazon
Begammon Station is partially based on Mallworld as created by Captain Jinx in B'Elanna's Secret, Star Trek Voyager, Paris/Torres, Kim/Seven, other. I read it almost eleven years ago. You could say it stuck with me.

General Information:

Memory Alpha
Memory Beta
Star Trek Online Geekipedia
Vulcan Language Institute
Women of TOS

Art References:

All art by girlnamedpixley, models for Sorin, Melody Huang, T'Prina, Mitchell, T'Sora, and Torren were purchased from iStock Photo.
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