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art! so much art. and a pdf for download

There is the probability of being MIA for a couple more weeks while I finish 1.) my three help_haiti fic, one of which is mostly done but I keep picking at, 2.) War Games, which actually is done but I've gone beyond picking at it and am now engaged in cosmetic surgery on, 3.) work (I know! Why? Why do I have to work when I have one hundred and seventy five thousand accumulated words of fic to finish and post! Why?), and 4.) Child has a meeting with a behavioral psychologist and whatever this week. I feel this will be productive.

However, in lieu of content--seriously, I spent a week angsting over (This Is) Not a Statement because I had a bad feeling if I didn't finish it in one fell swoop it would enter WIP hell and I made a resolution after SGA that I'd never, ever post anything I wouldn't finish, and I can no longer call this a flirt fandom when I'm throwing out novellas--I have instead an ode to girlnamedpixley

So back in November, I asked girlnamedpixley to help me get a few pictures together for War Games since I ended up with a cast list a bit larger than I expected and some not entirely canon-compliant. If you want to see the horror I achieve when trying to do pics, go to my website under covers and wince. So you see why I went to an expert.

...there's like, a folder of art now. IDEK. It's like magic. Every time we talked, she had new stuff done that I'd gape over for a week while she swanned her way out. Then apparently, she thought that You'll Get There in the End was feeling neglected and sad that it did not have this much attention paid to it.

So. Below, the (very partial) fruits of girlnamedpixley's labor.

War Games
War Games

I have no idea how she managed to find the perfect pic of T'Prina, but there you go. She's been like, sending me this stuff and I have just enough understanding of fanart to go "OH MY GOD" and then cuddle moodily wondering how the hell she does this. I seriously love this cover. I have five copies in various folders for fear I'll lose it.

And because she was worried about the first fic.

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)
You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)

There is nothing about this that does not make me want to take Jim home and feed him so much soup.

She also created a PDF file for download, which I uploaded to my site after much fighting with Filezilla, and also fighting to remember my password--I forgot my password.

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While), PDF, 1.15 MB. She also is doing one for War Games when I send my final draft to her (she only looks at me now while I explain there is an important page one hundred seventy sentence that must be fixed! Because yeah, that sentence has issues. Or rather, I do.)

I like girlnamedpixley. I ask for like, a picture, and I get a gallery. It's like Christmas! But no one tries to give me tube socks or snuggies, so really, it's like Christmas with a pony. A pony with magical art skills.

ETA: edited for size, wow. Sorry!
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