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okay, so that made lunch new and exciting
children of dune - leto 1
Plane Crashes into Austin Building

Ironically, I found out about thirty minutes ago from amireal (in New York!) and my mom found out from my sister in Sherman (Texas). Considering this is less than three miles from my house and about seven miles from work, I want to lodge a protest. Against what, I do not know.

In case anyone is curious, this is also like, across the street from my favorite Best Buy (I think I have a locational BB preference) and right by the Arboretum, where the stone cows are located.

So far, we're getting less information than CNN. For goodness sake, I work in a state office building. One might think they'd tell us about this, since I'm pretty sure we have employees next door.

*hits refresh*

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I'm glad you're okay! *hugs*

I found an app that pushes leading headlines up front on my phone and so far it seems to know what 'breaking news' is so sometimes I don't even get one in a day.

*hugs you* Yay for being alright! I was worried so I looked into it and saw it was a government building and while I know you're not IRS, sometimes there's multiple agencies in a building and stuff.

Also, ha! New York!

Which app would this be? I just bought an iPod Touch and am looking for a good news app.

Wow that's awful, glad your okay!

From reading what appears to be his "manifesto", he and another guy screwed up his taxes and he lost a lot of money. Yeah, he apparantly set his house on fire, took a plane, and deliberately crashed into a building full of IRS workers because of tax problems.

I hate people sometimes.

Yiiiiiikes! I, too, am glad that you're unharmed.

I'm enormously glad to see you post -- yes, I was rather worried.

That's scary! Glad to hear you're okay.

I've been watching that! O.o Glad you and yours are safe and accounted for.

I've actually gotten pretty used to online news dissemination being A) faster and B) more detailed than, say, local news networks, since on the one day a week I see a news broadcast I've already read more about the interesting stories online than the anchors bother to tell us about, hours beforehand when I saw the headlines showing up on a feed on my Yahoo! page.

ETA: Which is to say that, unless you actually heard/saw the crash, or passed/heard emergency vehicles heading to the scene, no surprise you didn't know about it at the time. Over Xmas I was clearing old Daily Show eps off the DVR and torrents of same off my desktop, and ran across the one where the interviewee was the pilot who'd landed a plane in the Hudson River, and Stewart mentioned how that was mere blocks from where TDS films and yet they'd just heard a few sirens and assumed it had to do with an episode of L&O or CSI or whatever that was being filmed in the area.

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i mean, it's awesome that no one did, an absolute miracle, but holy shit.

i hope you & everyone you know are okay regardless, bb

{{hugs}} I continue to be less secure about spouse working in a federal building :(.


This is the first I've heard of this. This is, like, half a mile from where a bunch of my friends live. Geez.

He left an online suicide note:


...the really scary thing is how much he sounds like 90% of my relatives.

we made the news almost everywhere it seems ... had my UK friends calling me to check that I wasn't anywhere near. Do you know if they found the one missing person yet?

According to CNN, two deaths, but no identities confirmed. I'm not sure if the missing person they talked about earlier is one fo those two people, but nothing contradicts it yet. From what I"ve heard on local news, however, yeah, one fo those is the missing person.

Deleted previous coment for idiocy but still happy you're okay.

Hey, I found out while having lunch in Chicago--my husband and I were all "is that up by the Arboretum? DAMN!"

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