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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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stop me if you think i'm off track or something, but....
children of dune - leto 1
Note to the people running interface stuff at work for our next meeting;

If, at any time, the only reason I understand anything you say is because I've watched Star Trek since I was pre-verbal, I think your approach to the rest of us should maybe undergo a revision.

If what you say I recognize as a season four plotline of Voyager, I really feel I should warn you, deux ex machinas will not save us from what you are perpetuating in the name of science.

If what you say I recognize as something I wrote in the fandom, I was right? Really? I thought they made that up, hence the term technobabble. Also, now I want to go and spellcheck again.

If you're actually Borg, so much of my work life makes sense right now. Can we schedule assimilation sometime after I get a nap, though?

why the hell didn't i become a nun and raise miniature horses in Brenham
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This entire post makes me laugh. Which I really needed today, so thank you.

Also, yes, they are definitely doing it wrong. Definitely.

It is really unsettling to feel like this is something you have heard before. When Janeway said it.

Hee! Technobabble - ah Star Trek was known for it.

I could be chasing miniature horses in a habit right now. Chasing miniature horses.

(Deleted comment)
It's really disconcerting. Also, now I have an idea for a trekfic.

(Deleted comment)
Those are excellent life plans. The second one is tempting if one is not required to ever talk again. To anyone.

LOL,"why the hell didn't i become a nun and raise miniature horses in Brenham"

would you still write? if so i think it's a good plan!

i think it should be encouraged...

(Deleted comment)
Given that I currently have an upper management person who is either
a. trying to drive me insane
b. pulling an elaborate practical joke involving several of his underlings, none of whom realize it's a joke

and my answer involves reminding him of recent court cases with jail sentences ...

I'm not all that fond of miniature horses and my religion doesn't have nuns but other than that, I am so there with you.

I could be sitting in the International Marketplace, carving candles and embedding cheap imported Mexican coral in wax.

I approve of this life plan. Especially the part where there is carving involved. Weapons!

That's it, Jenn, we're running away together and starting a bar/club/restaurant named the Busty Wench. Corset's required.

Honey, you've never worn a steel boned corset before. You are busty.

But I am not checking worriedly over my shoulder for macroviruses.


I could take care of foals under a vow of silence. Foals.


... I find your argument unexpectedly convincing.

(Deleted comment)
Is that why wanton keeps being spelled wonton? I am really liking this theory.

...you know, I would consider becoming a nun and raising miniature horses. I need a new life direction...


Not... recently?

Btw, you've infected my dreams. *stares at you*

Okay, so does this definitely make you all-powerful? 'Cause if your fics start coming true, I think I'll be moving to Iowa around summer. That'd be nice. I just need some coordinates.

Also, all you need to know about the universe is on Star Trek. Including the If It Wears Eye-Liner, It's Evil Factor. That's my theory.

Edited at 2010-02-10 08:14 pm (UTC)

I hate the fact that I am now contemplating the interfaces that are part of the software that runs the Enterprise.

I blame you for this. And my work. But mostly you.

You would think at least that you could be getting plotlines of Deep Space Nine. Voyager is just sad....

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