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stop me if you think i'm off track or something, but....

Note to the people running interface stuff at work for our next meeting;

If, at any time, the only reason I understand anything you say is because I've watched Star Trek since I was pre-verbal, I think your approach to the rest of us should maybe undergo a revision.

If what you say I recognize as a season four plotline of Voyager, I really feel I should warn you, deux ex machinas will not save us from what you are perpetuating in the name of science.

If what you say I recognize as something I wrote in the fandom, I was right? Really? I thought they made that up, hence the term technobabble. Also, now I want to go and spellcheck again.

If you're actually Borg, so much of my work life makes sense right now. Can we schedule assimilation sometime after I get a nap, though?

why the hell didn't i become a nun and raise miniature horses in Brenham
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