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never will i ever....

do these things as as slash or het writer. If I do, I give open permission to the entirety of the community to have me hunted down and stopped, even if it requires the destruction of my keyboard.

I will never....

...refer to cock as meat. Ever ever ever.

...use the term piss-hole during a sex scene.

...even entertain the concept of semen by the gallon.

...forget that the human body has bones and that does, in fact, limit positions during sex. the penis to sharpened weaponry. I'm a girl and even I wince thinking about that one.

Trauma comes in many forms. *shivers* I should make someone start pre-reading for me to spare myself the nightmares. Any volunteers?

The Day of Ickiness

Last night, whilst brushing my teeth, I managed, somehow, to rip the suture free.

*wince* I don't use the word 'rip' lightly, either.

Anyway, took the day off and did stand-by at the dentist's, who mulled my pain, checked the healing, gave me some painkillers, and told me not to worry, everything looked just great. I swear, I wish he wasn't an oral surgeon. This is the kind of general dentist I need. He tucked some horrifyingly bad-tasting medicaly stuff into one of the back gums, which brought a relief to pain so fast you'd be shocked.

I LOVE this man.


Te's kicking and Jaymalea's prodding had an interesting effect--being able to damn well finish something flicked whatever's been off in my head back on, modified.

QaF intimidates me on a variety of levels, simply because it's a damn good show and I don't think I've ever tried to write for a GOOD show. I keep starting, then screeching to a dead stop and stare, thinking, that does NOT work. At all. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to stop after less than a paragraph, simply because I was completely unable to continue. Which is making me grumpy, because, right, I like challenges, but when you can't even get an acceptable first line?

Endlessly frustrating. Gah.

I need more orange juice.
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