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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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never will i ever....
children of dune - leto 1
do these things as as slash or het writer. If I do, I give open permission to the entirety of the community to have me hunted down and stopped, even if it requires the destruction of my keyboard.

I will never....

...refer to cock as meat. Ever ever ever.

...use the term piss-hole during a sex scene.

...even entertain the concept of semen by the gallon.

...forget that the human body has bones and that does, in fact, limit positions during sex.

...compare the penis to sharpened weaponry. I'm a girl and even I wince thinking about that one.

Trauma comes in many forms. *shivers* I should make someone start pre-reading for me to spare myself the nightmares. Any volunteers?

The Day of Ickiness

Last night, whilst brushing my teeth, I managed, somehow, to rip the suture free.

*wince* I don't use the word 'rip' lightly, either.

Anyway, took the day off and did stand-by at the dentist's, who mulled my pain, checked the healing, gave me some painkillers, and told me not to worry, everything looked just great. I swear, I wish he wasn't an oral surgeon. This is the kind of general dentist I need. He tucked some horrifyingly bad-tasting medicaly stuff into one of the back gums, which brought a relief to pain so fast you'd be shocked.

I LOVE this man.


Te's kicking and Jaymalea's prodding had an interesting effect--being able to damn well finish something flicked whatever's been off in my head back on, modified.

QaF intimidates me on a variety of levels, simply because it's a damn good show and I don't think I've ever tried to write for a GOOD show. I keep starting, then screeching to a dead stop and stare, thinking, that does NOT work. At all. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to stop after less than a paragraph, simply because I was completely unable to continue. Which is making me grumpy, because, right, I like challenges, but when you can't even get an acceptable first line?

Endlessly frustrating. Gah.

I need more orange juice.

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Just wanted to give you a heads up on the fact that I friended you. I'm really not a stalker...just a really big lurker. New to Livejournal and such so don't have much to say but I love your work and usually check your website once a day. Much sympathy on the sutures ripping. I'm glad your doctor was very nice to you and made you feel okay about the whole thing. Good luck with QAF! I know that you'll get into Justin, Brian and Michael's head soon!

Hi and welcome to LJ! *hugs* Glad to meet you!

Me and my sutures are becoming a serious drama here. I should cast them now, give them live time to explain how difficult life is in my mouth.

*grins* Yep, I've been awake too many hours straight.

I am glad you will not do those things; I wish others had your sense.

even entertain the concept of semen by the gallon. No fooloing, I had a housemate once who worked as a phone sex operator. She had a client who loved to tell her how much, in volume, he was ejaculating. Sad but true, some people find that sexy. Ew.

*winces* Fear. Real bone deep fear. And if you think about it--I mean, with so much, where on earth would the poor guy KEEP it all? I mean, wouldn't even simple pants-shopping become a chore? And imagine trying to sit down! *winces*

*blinks* I'm thinking too much again, aren't I?

If you're semi-serious about getting a pre-reader, I'd do it if you tell me what to read :). I have a hard time finding stories on my own.

Re: I'll read for you!

If you can find QaF fic? At ATP?


Brian/Justin. *Grins* You asked! Tell me what you find and I'll read it. It just scares me sometimes. Too many--well, you'll see.

*tempts* QaF is fuuuunnnn. Come play.

QAF is a good show. It has extremely good characters, mediocre plots told with lovely storytelling devices, quite good dialogue, pretty good cinematography, great music, and pretty people. It also manages to be extremely political without ever limiting itself for political reasons, and it's not afraid to contradict itself.

However, I would've thought QAF would likely be easier to write for, in some ways, than other shows. The characters, while they are distinct and well-fleshed-out, are also very flexible. Like real humans, they aren't one-sided; they each have a wide range of behaviors and emotional postures available to them, good, bad, touching, disgusting, and often paradoxical. The characters are kinda like the show itself, which can go from soapy to sincere and back again several times an episode.

That kind of range, I think, could allow a fanfic writer to relax, to be more accepting of his/her own work, and to explore all kinds of possibilities.

But then again, I don't finish 99% of what I write, so don't listen to me. :)

Yes, you're right on everything. I suppose that's part of the problem--in Trek, X-Men, and SV, these were very plot-driven shows, where I concentrated on character more than anything. Whereas QaF IS character and that's what makes it work, even with bad plotlines.

But yes, you are right--these are extremely flexible characters. I probably just need to stop thinking and just jump and risk writing something really bad just to get over the fear of it. And get my feet wet, of course.


I'm really sorry about the popped suture. Glad everything seems to be healing okay though, that there's no signs of any infection.

I know what you mean about some of those descriptions. Nothing can throw you out of a story faster than some of that stuff.

Yay! Does this mean the writers block is dissolving? I know how frustrating something like that can be.

*grins and hugs* Thank you!

And yeah--I mean, at least for now, it seems to be dissolving, at least enough for me to take an interest in working on stuff. And yeah, it was frustrating--I'm wondering now if it was affecting my mood or if it was my mood affecting it. Chicken, egg, somesuch. Happier now. Much.

What's wrong with a meaty dagger spurting gallons of cream out the piss-hole?

Damn. Couldn't finish typing it without giggling.

*under table, sucking thumb, never coming out again*

(Deleted comment)
It does seem that there's not a lot of season variation going on there. *g* But then again, Smallville, in which the season couuld change in the same show from winter to summer and back again....


*loves QaF*

QAF is good? Are we watching the same show?? It is okay and there is lots of hot boysex but good? Really?


Also...please tell me you are watching The OC and will be writing lovely Ryan/Seth for us? *bats eyelashes* No? Well I tried...

Nyay nyay nyah can't hear you, am still infatuated!


On OC--I keep wishing I'd started watching, considering all the great reviews it's getting. Plus, that guy is hot. Dear God, he's hot. When a commerical comes on, I stop to just watch him.

Hmm. When does it come on again? I keep forgetting to write it down.

...even entertain the concept of semen by the gallon.

you know, that has its possibilities.

*scribbles down story idea*

Jesus. I'd be scared but...

I'm terrifyingly fascinated. In such a wrong, wrong way.

I will never....
And we love you for it.

Though, the thing with cock as weapon, is funny in a song.

*grins* What song? Tell. Or write one. Either will do.

(Deleted comment)
I've seen it before, yeah. Amongst other really disturbing things that make me wonder not if these people have ever had sex, but if they're human.

*worries about the future of the human race*

Trauma comes in many forms. *shivers* I should make someone start pre-reading for me to spare myself the nightmares. Any volunteers?

Hey, that is what I count on you for! You, Te and Tharimis are my fanfic filter. All a brave bunch, taken for granted by me at times, but much adored for the trauma endured in the quest for good stories :)

*laughs* I KNEW you only liked me for my recs!


Okay, have to ask you, since you're fluent. How do I say, If your number is "insert number here", please come to window two?

I've been using "Si tu numero es 'insert number here', va a ventana dos, por favor", which is the go version, but should it be command or not? Or is it supposed to be te numero? Or would come be more appropriate?


Last night, whilst brushing my teeth, I managed, somehow, to rip the suture free.

Man, you have no idea how much I physically cringed when I read that news. I'm glad it turned out okay, hon. Look after yourself, okay?

Oh yeah. That's an entirely new realm of freaky feeling, not just because of the pain. Apparently, I didn't actually do that much damage, but damn, it still felt freaky as hell.

*hugs* I'm good to go. Very repairable. *hugs more*

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