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wtf universe?

Related to front bezel replacement from my earlier entry. I got the front bezel for the laptop and proceeded to joyfully disassemble Adam. After removing the screws, front panel, keyboard, and starting to take the bezel (framing around the screen) off, I discovered--

--the hinge had snapped completely. The hinge had snapped completely from the laptop cover itself. Which means I need an entire display assembly, minus actual LCD screen, for Adam. And then I lost a screw for the bezel, but whatever. I'm still stuck at how the hell did that snap? And also, seriously?

*sulks* Anyway, since Dell's website is a lot less specific than one might hope on what exactly what comes with their display assembly--and it is also hideously expensive--I ordered from parts-people and will pick it up on Monday and try again. It will be green. I don't know how I feel about having a green laptop yet. It's very disconcerting. Green. Will I even know Adam anymore in green? I don't do well with change like that.

However, now I am nervous. As no longer am I merely replacing the front bezel. I have to first remove the front bezel, then lift the LCD from it, then ease it into the new cover, then cover it with the bezel. Then stick it all back together and hope. Hope a lot. And buy another screw for the bezel. And you know, wonder how it all went wrong.

Breakdown of the horror.

*curls up* Seriously? This is like a judgment or something for saying that I enjoy this sort of thing, isn't it? If I get through this, screw it, I'm totes going to investigate if I can go after the chipset and heat sink. This is my manifesto. Game on.


I've been basically emailing this one to anyone who knows how to read, as shinetheway pimped unto me, God bless her.

An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels by stele3 (insanejournal), My Chemical Romance, Gerard/Frank, four parts. It's not a WIP, it's been done since 2007.For the sake of this story--and I am not kidding--I had google and wikipedia open for reference. It was that awesome. And it made me intensely happy which you know what, I really needed. Hence I am re-reading now because I need a serious hit of hope and hilarity and joy and things actually working out and being amazing. Yes, an angel. Yes, in the kitchen. And I just seriously am going to curl up with it again for the sheer joy.

I'm going to sulk now. In case anyone was curious.
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