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randomly, my have-done list

So I've been making a list of things that need finishing because I'm in a mood. As one is sometimes.


1.) So I finished first round edits of War Games which is--um, shocking. So. It looks like my goal of posting within the next week may actually happen. Color me shocked.

...I mean, seriously, what the hell? Fun times, however--my betas are kind of awesome beyond words to describe. 108K. And seriously, I felt so guilty because I hadn't warned them for that. I mean, I wasn't warned either, but still. So you know, guys, if you're reading this? Thank you very, very much. I'm still going over editing and you know, the plot. But there you go. I owe you a serious amount of gratitude and possibly like, I don't know, a kidney? God. I don't even know how I'm posting this yet.

I really really want to post on my birthday, but I don't think that's realistic, unless I don't go to work or like, sleep, and maybe bend time? But a week later is okay? I think so.

2.) Started both Haiti fic tentatively that have been given prompts.

3.) Trying to decide if I'll offer one 10K fic if they do another round at help_haiti. I'm trying to decide whether it would overextend me--I don't think it will, since I can give a time period for it to be accomplished in April. It's the first time I've done auction fic, so I'm not sure. This is an accomplishment that I'm thinking instead of jumping, okay?

4.) Cleaned out Adam the laptop of some old files. Okay, for reference? I have files going back to 1999. I am a file packrat. And I have all my email I have ever recieved (almost). And all my chat logs back to 2005. And like, I don't know, probably a pony in there somewhere.

5.) Put all my 2009 delicious links into a spreadsheet to analyze my reading patterns. Shut up. I do this. It's fun. It's like, 1800 fic this year or something? I was thinking of making pie charts out of it. Because you know, that's fun.

*flops* God, editing. Editing. Editing. Star Trek does not edit itself. Does it?

*eyes icon* I need another Adam icon. Okay, this may be a mistake, but I just might reload Photoshop and try icon making again. It's only been years. He's totally worth it.
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