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moody cow
Life ending cramps. *whine* Life not worth living. Also, holy God, does my uterus need to stop that shit.

Computers and Me

Spent half of last night resetting the network to better facilitate full-house coverage, because my hobbies with cramps and low grade misery are not as other people's and also, I got to get out a wrench and my screwdrivers. There is partial working, but still not enough.

After googling, here is what I have learned:

1.) Access point/repeaters are not cheap and wtf is the point of a second access point when you have to ethernet cable it to the first router? Call me crazy, but if I have to run a cable across the house to hook to the repeater to get coverage for that part of the house, the point of wirelessness is lost. And yes, I did ask if I could wire the walls and I can still hear the laughter.

There has got to be a better way to do this.

2.) Set up Shareport to hook the backup drive directly to the router. Way too slow--I call 1 MB/sec slow, God, the world I live in--but I want a NAS. Badly. What I don't know is which one. I'm not philosophically opposed to RAID and I'd rather invest in an enclosure, but holy God, the choices. It would make my life easier if I could move all the media onto that and everyone plays with it from there. Not to mention backups.

3.) I am no closer to solving the problem with hooking the bluray and TV to the internet, both of which come with ethernet, and so far as I can tell, neither have the ability to use a USB wireless adapter. What the fuck? First world problems whatever, if they are going to create tech that actually requires internet access to update it--and the bluray has to be updated or it won't work--then either give it internal wireless or fucking make an adapter. People who buy things like this are tech sluts. We will do this happily. We like buying these things to play with and figuring out how it's set up. Good God.

4.) Testing of the fans with the Targus cooler continues. Results, not screenshoted, just remebered.

A.) I ran it with Winrar, which is a dark hell of darkness on CPU use. Everything kept pretty cool except the CPU chips, with a top temp of 94 until I adjusted the notebook cooler so the fans were running directly beneath tehe CPU, at which time it went to and stayed at 83 average. Despite this, the bottom remained relatively cool. Winrar ran for an hour before it was done, then everything went back down to settle around 63.

2.) I can flip off my internal fan and run it with just the notebook pad with no degradation in performance or overheating, unless I'm using the CPU heavily. The following programs are open: Winword, iTunes, Firefox, Trillian, and my Soundblaster Expresscard. The biggest offenders are the Expresscard and iTunes running for CPU use together, while Firefox takes the most memory.

Things Not Computer Related

Cramps. Send help. Send like, IDK, porn, okay? Or the Marines. Same diff.

I need an emo!Adam icon to express my pain. Or a Pete Wentz. Something with darkness of soul combined with minimalism

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*sends cat* Get one of those purring on your abdomen and it's like a miracle happened.

Oh, god, yes! Best thing ever for cramps.

When I had cramps that bad, I'd take up to 5 Advil at a time. The doctor said that it wasn't good for me although as long as I didn't do it regularly (every day), it was okay. I used to have them so bad I'd throw up from the pain.

Hopefully, you'll feel better!

er, 4. No more than 4, assuming 200 mils each, no more than 3 a day (has prescription Ibprofen sitting on my desk)

hot tea, my fuzzy yankee blankie and muscle relaxers for a bad back get me thru. interested to know if porn and the marines help.......please keep us posted if either show up!

Hi, seperis, I've been a lurker around your blog for a while (diaryland, even!).

Do I understand correctly that you want to create a secondary internet access point in your house without installing an ethernet cabling network? If I'm mistaken please feel free to delete this.

I myself use a powerline system, which basically uses your home wiring instead of ethernet cabling to create a whole house network. Here's the system I use - there's a whole bunch of other companies if you google 'powerline'.

I hope this helps : )

Holy shit, you're a genius.

Okay, to make sure I understand what I'm reading--I get these, one with (near?) my router, one in wahtever room has not-great coverage. Is my wireless card in my laptop picking up the signal from it? Or does it need the PCI Ethernet adapter (which I have an ethernet port on my laptop, so that should work)?

You can connect via ethernet cable to your laptop if you use the 85Mbps Powerline Fast Ethernet Adapter Kit, or connect wirelessly if you get the 85Mbps Powerline Wireless Access Point as your second box. If you need the higher speed of the 200Mbps system, you'll need to connect a third party wireless router to the second box.

ps - make sure all the electrical sockets you want to use for the powerline system belong to the same circuit breaker, I know my house is wired with four different ones.

Can you expand on that? *also nominates you for geniushood*

As far as I can make out - being not any kind of electrician - when the powerline or homeplug companies say circuit breaker, they actually mean electrical power phase. This here explains it so much better than ever I could. I have four instead of the standard two because we had the electrical wiring of the house upgraded and I believe we have two main electrical feeds off the street.

You could either try and figure out what rooms belong to the same phase by looking at your panel, or by actually buying a powerline kit and figuring it out by trial and error, which is what I did lol. Also, if you don't have a connection with the powerline unit/box plugged into a specific outlet, unplug it and try again with it plugged in upside down.

I don't know how it works if you live in an apartment building with much more complex wiring but the tech-help-before-purchase departments of the companies that sell these things are generally very helpful.

Also, my primary computer is a Mac, so the powerline system is plug-and-play, you may need to install software if you're on a PC. That said, the powerline thing works with all my computers, three macs running osx, one pismo (my pride and joy lol) running sys9, and another three PCs triple booted with xp, linux mint and ubuntu or vista/mint/ubuntu.

Yet another thing to bear in mind when talking to tech help is some powerline or homeplug systems don't work with certain modems or routers, so be sure to tell the tech what you're working with, or plan to upgrade to.

I hope some of that was helpful, and that not all of it was clear as mud : )

Er, most of that I knew. *G* I meant more details on how being on the same/different circuit affects setting up this power network. How do I deal with that, etc?

I take it you mean that not necessarily one circuit, but one powerline feeding possibly several circuits is the main issue?

i.e. more info pls? Especially how you solutionized everything (What? TOTALLY A WORD!)

(arghh sorry Jenn, just delete the anon comment)

more details on how being on the same/different circuit affects setting up this power network

If powerline unit 1 connected to your main modem/router is on circuit A and the room you plug powerline unit 2 is on the same circuit, then yay! you get internets in that room. If the room is on circuit B then absolutely nothing happens.

How do I deal with that

1. Plug in powerline unit 2 in a room on circuit A, connect to that via ethernet cable a wireless router which then provides room on circuit B with a wireless internet connection.

2. Plug powerline unit 2 into an outlet on circuit A closest to an outlet on circuit B. Plug in powerline unit 3 into circuit B outlet and connect both units with ethernet cable. You've now bridged circuits A and B, where powerline unit 3 is a jumping off point for other units on circuit B.

how you solutionized everything

The primary powerline system on circuit A and a bridge to circuit B covers the middle parts of the house, Airport Extreme connected to circuit B covers the east side of the house which is on circuit C, and another Airport Extreme covers the west side of the house which is on circuit D. So the whole house - two storeys and an attic - is covered. I've never taken a laptop into the attic but I'm dead sure that between the two Airports that space is covered : )

Oh! My parents have one of those systems (in a house with seriously old wiring, no less), and it works beautifully.

When I had mysterious "shoulder" pain (doc sez: referred pain from the diaphragm, but I don't think your organs are dying /shrug) the doctor said I could take up to 11 Aleve a day for up to 2 weeks before I started really killing my liver, and up to 6 a day on a semi-long-term basis. Plus you can combine NSAIDs with Tylenol for extra pain control.

Other than that, heat on the stomach, don't drink cold things?

So, I don't have porn but I do have cute puppies!


Shiba Inu Puppy Cam 2.0! They're a week old today!

Multiple directions on how to set up multiple wireless routers to extend a network here, in comments:

I'm working on a porns - John/Rodney - but I'm having to lie down every so often because my brain dribbles out my ears. So. Soon?

Probably the absolute last thing you want to do when you have cramps, but, exercise. Nothing too abdomen-heavy (like sit-ups or crunches), but running, biking, or swimming can work. It gets the blood moving, and lessens and/or prevents cramping. It doesn't work for everyone (and if you keep thinking about your cramps it *definitely* won't work), but it works for the majority of people. Hope it helps?

Um, did you get a chance to try the high doses of calcium? I take a 1000mg, once a day, but when my period hits, I sometimes takes three of the 1000 mgs a day. The pain is really cut in half by this, shrugs, it works for me. Also the O solution mentioned above does work for a while. Good luck. -SB

Hugs, gentle warm hugs.

Are you familiar with uterine ablation as a treatment for heavy bleeding and cramps? If you're sure you don't want more kids, might be something to discuss with your doctor.

Severe cramps are evil personified. Been there, done that, consider ovarian cancer and four months of chemo worth it for justifiying organ removal to my insurance company. For values of worth it that include still cancer free 15 years later, but yeah, well worth it.

OK, total lurker normally, but I sympathize too much not to respond.

Ginger brandy... always works for me, and I used to have killer cramps. Also works for all friends I've recommended it to. You can mix it with ginger ale (which I actually enjoy even when it's non-medicinal) or drink it straight if the cramps suck that badly.

Hope you feel better soon!

Is empathy good for the cramps?! Because your boat? I AM IN IT RIGHT NOW. It's like in the bible times - because obvs a couple of thousands of years of history can be referred to off-hand like that - they used to say your 'womb was weeping.' Mine is fucking crying up a shitstorm. I'd offer to swap but that may get messy.

... also, not porn but there are studies that suggest RDJ can fix your ovaries.

I have no clue about all the technobabble you are talking about, but two days ago, I was just surfin, and remembered the word "extender" you were mentioning, and the URL was still in my history:

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