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from the help_haiti community and also, fan control of the laptop

help_haiti has some numbers up.

And if all the pledges are kept and the sums donated, help_haiti will have raised nearly $115,000.00.

As of now, there are 40 pages of confirmed donations - the sum of the confirmed donations is $43142.82.

As of now, the total confirmed as donated from the Lightning Round is just about $7,000.

I wish I could remember how to do sparkly text myself here because holy shit. Did not see that coming at all. And so very awesome.

Randomly, For Those Who Read About My Fan Issue Earlier

The Targus cooling pad so far is working really well. I turned off internal fans until the temperature reached above 65 degrees and am running just the Targus pad with its two fans, and temperature is seated at 58 degrees C for the CPU.

For linzeestyle, screenshots of the program I use and of Speedfan's interface and temperatures. For anyone with heating issues with their laptops, or hell, a level of geekiness associated with those things, below are screenshots and links. To codicil the first site that specializes in Dell computers--the Inspiron 1520 fan can be controlled by the program, but there is no hardware sensor. I am honestly not sure what difference it makes, since I can override for both manual and automatic temperature controls on fan one. Also, I found out there's a second fan? That was odd.

For the second, there's a list of supported motherboards/hard drives/computers on the site.

Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision Fan Control

Inspiron Temperature Program Inspiron Temperature Program



Speedfan Speedfan


ETA: I haven't tested this on heavy CPU and long use, so I'll try to update with more specific statistics when I get the chance. I will say, the pad also fits neatly between one's knees when sitting cross-legged and gives fantastic support without third degree burns. Just saying.
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