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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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help_haitu thread thataway
children of dune - leto 1
At help_haiti, I added a thread to bid for two stories at a minimum of 5K words.

(I've never participated in one of these; I hope I did that right.)

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You bid for me! You know I would totally write for free for you, right? [squishes you] I planned to bid for you, but dude, it's already at fifty bucks in the first hour. Your awesome is out of my price range. [grins]

Sorry I fell asleep in chat last night. I literally closed my eyes for a second and woke up three hours later with my glasses still on and nymphaea1's story still in front of me. [abashed]

I have totes done that. I fell asleep writing one night. Like, mid-sentence. Still listening to my End of the World playlist.


I cannot afford you, but if I could I would use it as a way to drag you into my fandom. ;)

Yeah, that was--startling. *blinking at auction* There's a writer over there offering Band of Brothers, btw.

IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE AWESOME. Or hadn't you heard? :P

Oooh. *scurries*

brb bribing the wealthy members of merlin fandom to bid on you

I think the bidding ended, but if there's another round, I can offer again. *g*

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