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awake with the upgrade mark 2

Yeah, I can't sleep until my settings are right. I'm aware this is crazy. I just don't care.

Here's the thing; I don't like change. I mean, like I don't like nutella and like I don't like The Ring--that's where I am. I can handle change, but even good changes are things that should come in small doses so I can adjust to them. Even changes I really want have a--strategy, an method of approach let us say, that keeps me from twelve straight hours working on Windows 7 until it doesn't freak me out with all the changes.

The resolution feels wrong--I know it's not, I checked. The bright/contrast/color are wrong--they probably are because they're better. I can't get my NoSquints perfect. Firefox browser was upgraded--see? Windows 7, new hard drive, new video settings, and new browser update--that's too much change.

I love italics. I hate changes more than I love italics. Just in case this needed to be stated again.

The bigger problems aren't the huge changes, either--yeah, don't ask, I don't get it either. It's the small ones like having a very tiny but very noticeable rock in one's shoe. I swear the LJ interface to post an entry has moved over ten percent. And PermaTabs refresh has to be done in the tab instead of in the toolbar or it opens a new window (have tried all settings; nothing doing). The grey is all wrong on the browswer window, and I think the blue is like, two shades off. There's a very real possibility that all the folders are the wrong size. All the text is too clear and easy to read--did I say this shit was sane? Also, trillian message windows won't let me change the text/read from up/down to side-side and that's actually really frustrating, since it's pretty much the only reason I ever liked trillian.

I know part of this is going to be acclimitization--I make all of the above changes on purpose quite regularly (well, not the LJ thing or the PermaTab thing, wtf is up with that?). So it's not like I'm not aware I'm just in the middle of denial (stages of change: hatred, denial, reluctant bitter resignation, resigned understanding, and finally, acceptance with optional enthusiasm!), it's that I just cannot make myself accept that in a week, the screen will not be too bright, the colors will not be wrong, everything isn't one inch off what it should be, and my drivers don't suck.

Okay, Positives

I like the replacement for the start menu. I like Dell Dock immensely with all those quick shortcuts. I am enchanted by the widgets. I like pinning things to the taskbar. I like the right side icons with the hidden ones now available in a menu instead of that damn slidy thing. I really love Computer pinned to the taskbar like whoa. I'm still wary on All Programs not opening up into multiple boxes across the screen, but I admit it fits with the streamlining much better.

I like this time around my drive mapping is clearer and since I'm adding everything one by one, I know where everything is.

I like nothing has blown up yet. That's really the best part.
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