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upgrade mark 2.0 - we are pleased

Okay, so. Here is where we are.


1.) I have partitioned, formatted, installed Windows 7, moved things over, and installed new hard drive into computer. Old hard drive is now in the enclosure. Installed Office, Firefox, iTunes, NoteTab, sound card settings, video card settings, dell drivers, trillian, yahoo, and dell dock for Windows 7.

2.) We have achieved iTunes keeping my metadata via shinetheway. Because she is awesome.

3.) This sucker is a lot faster. I am thinking a clean install and only installing programs I needed tonight helped with that.

4.) So far moved: music, all my personal files, media.

5.) All bookmarks and most settings from Firefox. I have a feeling I'm going to be forgetting some of those until it tells me I need them.

Not Done

1.) The rest of John Sheppard II being moved into--Adam, yes, fine, you know I name my computers (and hard drives!) and um, electronics fannishly. I don't even care if you laugh. It's a hot hard drive, people.

2.) Hunting down Windows 7 settings to see where everything is.

3.) Adjust video to not be quite so weird. Adjust display to not be weird.

4.) Install Premiere Elements, a few of the programming IDEs, and a variety of smaller ones I can live without. And my Perl libraries. I am not looking forward to going through that again at all.

5.) See if there's anything important I missed. That would be Firefox updates, Adobe updates, and various updates that I don't know I need yet.


1.) Windows 7 installs amazingly fast. I mean--wow. That was fast. Like, insanely so. It was probably less than a total of thirty minutes from when I installed the hard drive in the laptop and Windows was operating and I was moving things over.

2.) I do not object so far to any Windows changes, but I haven't seen them all either. It's running fast enough right now that I'm not even looking. Most of my problems with XP were speed related.

3.) I'm not sure yet if it was necessary to partition the drive, but I don't really care since it doesn't hurt. The only thing I put there besides Windows is Firefox, iTunes, and Office, but I'm thinking of moving the former two to the D drive and leaving that one just for Windows-related things. IDK. I like organizing this so if the OS or something goes south, I still have all my other stuff safe in D.

4.) I miss quicklaunch, but the pinning thing isn't bad and the dock is cool.

5.) If you want to transfer data from one internal to another during a change of hard drive, yeah, go with the enclosure. This is incredibly low-stress. The one I got literally came with everything it needed in the box.

A Final Note

I do not hate Windows 7. So if all goes well, going to get this for Mom tomorrow. It's not quite familiar yet, but I think it's the changes in color and brightness and text that I need to sit down with tomorrow and work out how much I actually like and just hate now because I hate change, and what I can't deal with.
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