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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec: petewentz @stumpalicious by svmadelyn
children of dune - leto 1
AND ALSO. This is proof that if I whine at svmadelyn enough, in sheer desperation she will eventually entertain me. This is why I love her best in all the world.

petewentz @ stumpalicious by svmadelyn - in which Pete Wentz twitters the zombie apocalypse. Seriously.

petewentz: it never really gets old typing zombie. zombie. zombie!

petewentz: why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near, near, far, wherever you are there is blackness and clouds and lamps and snow in the sky

petewentz: sorry for lack of update; patrick w/held my phone

petewentz: got it back w/sex

petewentz: okay that was a lie, patrick wants the record straight

petewentz: quick, someone tell me if oklhoma moved, cannot find.

petewentz: gave up on oklama. its like im talking into an abyss or something. i see 2 new followers out there so it is nice to know people are still alive come say hi (unless your zombies)

Twitter would totes survive the zombie apocalypse. I am just saying.

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Oh my god everything about this post is AMAZING.

Who wouldn't twitter the apocalypse I ask you?

*pokes* Feedback; this is how i get her to do along when I say "please write this idea for me plz?" It's like really friendly blackmail.

Um. Well. I'd have to get a twitter, I suppose...

I was going to! :P You say this like I don't feedback. May I remind you I met you through feedback? (you and my first love, trufax.)

How is your nye? I have been cooking and the onions made me sob. And I think the twittery Pete ate my caps and use of coherence. All your fault.

Babble babble babble. ;)

And this is why I love you!

I will be at home with multiple children that are not products of my uterus. Exciting.

I have rum and a story to cause me angst. I think the combination should be interesting.

:D Yay!

Eeeek, yeah, ok, that'll be... fun... o.O

Oh my. Sounds like a blast. Good story at least?

I kind of want a nap. Am trying to figure out what time to go to this party (starts at 8 but the friend who invited me expects to get there ~11)

you made me spend valuable seconds of my day on pete wentz. i shall not forget this indignity. you will suffer the pain of this, mark me.

speaking of whining, and not coincidentally, svmadelyn and amireal...

Hackerbear rubbed his hands in glee. Everything had gone, if not accordingly to plan, then at least without resorting to Plan M, which he really wanted to avoid whenever possible.

HitterBear re-entered the room, pulling HackerBear's earphone out with a growl. He rubbed his tummy, trying to redistribute his stuffing.

"You okay?" asked HackerBear, caring soul that he was, but HitterBear just glared, first at him, then at the window. hackerbear was pretty sure that window had been closed before, so he wasn't too surprised when he turned back to his keyboard and found Theifbear sitting crosslegged on his desk. the black leather glove appliqued on her tummy crinkled in the glow of his monitor.

"We good?" asked HitterBear.

HackerBear snorted. "I don't know about you, but I'm always good." He ducked under the halfhearted headslap but couldn't avoid the full body tackle that followed. "What? What??" he cried.

TheifBear shushed them. "Both of you need to settle."

"Or what?" growled HitterBear. HackerBear took the opportunity to poke him, right in the middle of the embroidered fist in his middle.

"Don't make me break out the CareStare," she said as she sat primly, smoothing her light yellow hair. He quit struggling and he and HitterBear looked at one another, then at her, then laughed. She narrowed her eyes at them. "Fine, I'll call..."

"Settling! We're settling. See?" He pushed off HitterBear, who, because of his fuzzy plumpness, had to roll to the side to get to his feet.

"Seriously?" Hitterbear asked.

"Shhh!" HackerBear hissed. "Last time," he shuddered. "She sang"

random Carebear Leverage fusion

I fear I've waited too long for an apology to amke any sense, but there really is a story behind this comment that probably doesn't need to be told and can be summed up by saying that amireal promised me Australia.

Re: random Carebear Leverage fusion

*falls over* Amireal should give peple Australia.

And I totally forgot to comment, but I admit it, I almost spit out coffee at first reading> NO ONE EXPECTS THAT IN THE INBOX!

petewentz: gave up on oklama. its like im talking into an abyss or something. i see 2 new followers out there so it is nice to know people are still alive come say hi (unless your zombies)
I am dying!!

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