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when you can't tell a bad joke, what can you do?

I seriously, seriously loathe my period. I mean, it used to be academic? Like, I didn't really feel anything more than mild dislike, but apparently, I've never had my period when I'm in the middle of writing-farr--maybe it's never happened before, I don't know, I never put writing farr on the calendar before and matched up--and I keep losing my train of thought. And I'm at twenty pages a goddamn day right now and I'll lose my nerve and start wondering if I really want to use 'tortures cats' as a punchline for a joke.

...seriously, it is really funny, in context. I hope. God, what if it isn't? I could be basing an entire conversation on a punchline that doesn't work.

See what my uterus does? This is what it does. It makes cat jokes not funny. I hate everything. I'm really glad I shared this.
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