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physics likes to be abused

If this day slows down much longer, I'm petitioning for the Theory of Relativity to be downgraded to a hypothesis, lowercase; specifically, time dilation, unless there is a claim that the gravity in this room is strong enough to bend time backward which--actually wouldn't be a surprise, but I am saying the relative to me clock and the clock I am observing locally are both going slower and I think both suck.

I'm updating my understanding of special relativity by way of wikipedia. Do not judge me. Everything I know about physics I learned from Rodney McKay and Star Trek. Also, I have to do this pretty much every six months or I start losing arguments with Child and I just cannot face losing another dark matter discussion because I can't get wikipedia to load fast enough. I already had to concede time travel when I couldn't google fast enough to find the infinite energy requirements even if there are quarks that could be moving backward in timespace.

You know, every time I come back to physics, since I first learned gravity and murphy (both important laws and why isn't murphy's law taught as a science? It should be. I'm adding it here in protest), I'm always thrown by the fact that the first time it was explained to me, I was too young to quite get it (and to be fair, the person that explained it probably did not grasp it all that well either) and asked, "but what if the observer was lying about their local clock?"

I know! But it's still in my head. And so every time--every time--I get past the math and the concept of relative and absolute, time dilation, and everything, I always have this vision of my sister being Observer #2 and to piss me off totes lying about the speed of her clock and boom, I have to start at the first paragraph again or go think hard about why I shouldn't slash quarks, because physics is asking for slash, but I don't know if I really want to go there.

I mean--work with me here--my entire basis of understanding the building blocks of the universe, my basic comprehension of the way that matter and energy interact, why, the very fabric of reality as I understand it can be completely fucked up because my sister once lied about stealing my Barbie and now I will never believe Observer B about their local clock. She stole my Barbie. Observer B is a goddamn liar and scalped her. And lied about the clock.

Think about that one.

Yeah, they really need to give me something to do soon. I just found Lorentz transformation and this won't end well for anyone. I see modeling done in multiple colors and I have a weakness for that.
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