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child, recovering from a semi-broken heart
children of dune - leto 1
Me: Look, you shouldn't try that hard with girls.
Him: I was thinking when she break ups, I'll swoop in.
Me: Rebound man?
Him: I saw it on TV. That's how you fall in love.

You know, the alarming thing isn't that he has a strategy or anything. It's mostly that she's "seeing", for value of that in the pre-puberty stage, a chemistry geek, for value of that in seventh grade. I don't know if the hard sciences cross over; he's more physics with a heartstopping love of genetics in ways that make me worry about my hairbrush and bone fragements.

Can you go from chemistry to physics? Do you want to? That's the question I'm pondering. Should I push him toward one of the bio girls?

...his school actually has kids who self-identify by hard science. You try navigating that one day without feeling alarmingly uncomfortable with your self-identification as geek, untyped. Apparently that is not on without a specialization. Fandom geek? I don't even know.

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If he really loves genetics that much, you should totally push him towards a bio girl haha Then they could certainly have better conversations about stuff they like. What is this girls "type" of geekitude?

I think "fandom geek" is totally a possibility--and you'd probably get to educate people on fandom every time you said that ^.^

Haha! I went to that type of high school. We had to specialize in bio, physics, engineering, or "custom" (which meant planning out a program for approval and was usually a math/comp sci or chem program). Senior year we did a year-long thesis type project in our declared field. We had all the AP sciences, plus other college-style classes like O-chem and microbio. I was an engineer, but I would have dated a bio or chem person. I think they can cross over for sure. :-)

My last breakup was from a math kid and I would so try out a physicist. But as I think Child is a bit young for what I'm looking for, that doesn't really help you here. ;)

Chemistry and bio are really close cousins, esp. at the cutting edge--when it's all about getting down to how the organism functions on a molecular level. Plus, biophysics has been the next big thing for a few years now, so bio and physics are totally compatible.

Though as the resident bio girl among my physics and maths friends in college, I have to warn of the snobbery between disciplines. Definitely felt like I had to apologize for being in a "softer" science at times, while the theoretical physicists lorded over all of us. :p

Heh, I can't help but think of this.

As another bio girl (immunology), I'm right there with you.

At least yours is TALKING to you about it. I had to find out about my 13yo when I looked at his FB and found that he had joined a group called 'Don't you hate it when the one you like likes someone else' (or something like that). I asked if he wanted to talk about it and he said no. *sigh* It's not as if he talks about more than one girl, though. From what he said she pretty much scooped the pool at this year's prizegiving - an allrounder.

I consider myself a Classics geek, because Greek mythology owns my soul. Fandom is just... fandom.

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