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The Toybox

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it's like christmas exploded!
children of dune - leto 1
I have:

1.) hooked up the xbox for Child. He is playing Pure, since we need to do a serious rearrangement of the game room to facilitate online play.

Note: There's also the fact that I need, and by that I mean want, to buy a new network set up with a network drive and bring my house into a level of compliance with current wireless technology usually more appropriate to running a web cafe. The thing is, we have three computers, three gaming systems, the blu-ray player, the TV, and my phone that either need or could seriously use internet access, and the router is starting to randomly stop assigning IPs, which will not end well for anyone around if I lose my wireless.

It's not like, quite at critical level yet, but--xbox live, Guild Wars, and the potential hope I can get a network drive that make me start thinking again that it would really be worth the time and money to upgrade everything that needs network access to N compliance and start work on either wiring the house for ethernet (I was told if I'm seen holding a tool near a wall, I will be shot on sight), or look into options for extending and strengthening the wireless. We have way too many programs and games that are all running on a single broadband connection.

My problems are first world problems, yes, but they're fun problems, and I'll have an excuse to get that battery powered screwdriver set and a new working toolkit.

My fantasy life always involves a shopping spree at Frye's, really. Fabulous vacations and superhot men wearing leather pants only work for me when they're helping me pick a router set-up and murmur hotly in my ear they are master electricians while holding miles of ethernet cable.

2.) The fire truck pedal car is built and awesome. As it turns out, I accidentally picked out a really durable all-metal model with wooden ladders and that sucker will last. Niece 2 and Nephew fought over it and it was glorious. BIL did the assembly becaues he got new tools for Christmas and looked as us all pathetically until we let him have the truck to play with. He was so happy.

3.) Bouncy horse is not assembled. Reluctantly, he and my sister and co went to Christmas with his brother's family, but his toolkit stayed here, in anticipation that we will be overcome by post-Christmas laziness, which is pretty likely.

4.) I got my Mom a Flip Ultra Camcorder and as it turns out, she loves it--we all love it. It's not that I am scared of multifunctional things--see my G1--but seriously, would it kill progress if some things don't require a complete reading of the owner's manual and a training course to use? So far, for ease of use, I'd recommend it--the set up is super fast (set date, set time, set language, and we're off!), it has five buttons, the record button is huge and stuck in the middle, and flip out USB, so the only extra cords needed are if you want to hook it directly to the TV. It comes with batteries, but grab some rechargeables and an adapter and you're done. My dad, who is not either a huge fan of changing technology or one who likes to use it was playing with the Flip as soon as he found an excuse to pry it from Mom's hand. Since his birthday is in March, if he seems to really enjoy it, I can grab him one too.

I'll check the video quality when they're done playing, but honestly, unless it's grainy or impossible to see, I love this. Fact--yes, awesome camcorders that record in 1080i/1080p with digital sound are great, but that shit I am not taking to the beach (water! sand! air! my warranty!) or to visit friends, and if I have to renew my acquaintance with the owner's manual or google for tips on how to make it work every time I pick it up? I am never going to use it. I had a samsung camcorder and learned to hate it in like, a month.

So far, I approve.

The living room is awash with toys and games and books, and everyone's settling to gloat over their stash and share it with others. We're making prime rib sandwiches for lunch if we feel like moving, and no one is taking off their pajamas to save their life. It's a very, very good day.

To everyone who celebrates it, Merry Christmas, and to those who don't, Happy Holidays or have a wonderful day.

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I can so relate to your fantasy. In my head there is a 16 port router in my laundry room closet with ethernet cable running up the wall into the attic and from there to every room in the house terminating in 2 cat5 jacks per room (minimum). I just installed a powerful N wireless router and it has a port for a network drive, which I also have but that drive is currently part of my 4T external array and I don't want to remove it. Maybe someday but in the meanwhile my wireless network is way faster than it was on my ancient G.

We have way too many programs and games that are all running on a single broadband connection.

Hee, I've always dreamed of corporate-style broadband connections in my own home. It's not feasible in my area (nor is it affordable), but the download speeds and stability of the wireless connections, aigh, WANT.

I've heard really good things about the Flip -- I work for the social media lab at my university's center for women's studies (god, that almost sums up fandom right there, doesn't it? I update the blog and the Twitter feed) and we use Flip cameras as well as the big TV-quality video cameras for filming things or for recording. They also work well on tripods. We rent them up to other departments sometimes, and it takes about two minutes to explain.

And the reason I say "I've heard" is because I've never actually used one, so take the above with a grain of salt, I guess.

I have nothing to say re 802.11n compliance, but I really love my 1 TB Iomega network drive. The only drawback is that over the summer, it got hot enough in my apartment (Boston, no AC) that my laptop was shutting down on its own and I was concerned for the health of the drive (it got really hot).


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