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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Who writes porn at six in the fucking morning?

God, I am a fangirl. It's true--there is never a bad time for porn.

Codicil: It's not very good porn. I trapped them on a counter and I'm worried they'll break something before I can move them somewhere less prone to terrible bathroom accidents. Gah.

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What's even worse than someone who writes porn as six in the fucking morning is someone who doesn't share her porn at six in the fucking morning. :D

*grins* Do you like AIRPS?

"Adam," he breathes, eyes huge, mouth stained red, and that's an invitation if Adam's ever heard one. Curling a hand in Kris' hair, Adam kisses him again, crowding him back against the counter. "Ow," Kris mutters, reaching back to grab for the edge. Reaching for Kris' hips, Adam takes the shorter path, licking away the sound and easing Kris onto the edge, one bare foot kicking his knee before locking behind it like Adam had some completely insane idea of going somewhere else. Kris locks a hand behind his neck and reaches back, clearing the counter behind him with many breakable results but what-the-fuck-ever, Adam will go *shopping**.

Then Kris pulls back, licking his lips, smeared messy red and swelling, eyes dilated black. "Pop quiz," he says huskily, "you have a night off and a morning with no meetings. You *stay home**. With me."

"Genius," Adam breathes, wiping excess color from below Kris' lower lip. Kris grins, kissing him again, hot and sweet and very like someone who has been thinking about this for a lot longer than a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours; like someone who used to watch him in a mirror and from the distance of another bed.

Before he knows exactly what he's doing, he's got a knee on the counter and Kris is bent half against the wall, and well, this is familiar, but this isn't a club bathroom, and they have a goddamn *bed**. When he slides off, Kris makes a protesting noise. "No," Kris says, stubborn and a little vicious, using his teeth, and Adam almost forgets what he was trying to accomplish, "you don't get to--you can't do this, you can't--"

"Not *here**," Adam manages, realizing he doesn't really care that much *where**, but his back will care very much later. Kris fights him, mouth distracting, sliding down his chin, and finally Adam catches both narrow wrists and bites Kris' lip, hard enough to feel him shudder. "*Stop**."

jenn, you little cocktease.

Aaaaaannd, what she said!

Now when I have I not delivered?

that will depend on if my boss gives me work today. I have the document open now.

that's what we like to hear!

it's not like you don't have the *backstory* to this one in your inbox. though granted, in there, there is no porn.

*pouts* I'm bored and uninspired.

*claps with glee*

I've been waiting patiently (with more than minimal gnashing of teeth, mind you) for The Royal Highness that is yourself to start writing AIRPS. I hoped it was only a matter of time once your Adam icon made an appearance and now I'm torn between waiting for epic ST Reboot sequels and more Kradam porn. such hard decisions...

Thanks for friending me - I'll try not to be too much of a geek. *g*

Why haven't I friended you yet? Fixing.

"I trapped them on the counter" -- I want you to know that I visualized this as the Sims. Which is a cracky idea, really. Sims porn? Um... no thanks.

God I need more/better sleep.

there's sims porn. *helpful*

I'm sure, but I feel like it would be like porn about someone's RP characters... only boringer.

*shivers* Though I can't judge? I read at Nifty.

...Nifty? What is this "Nifty" of which you speak?

I can't judge either - I spent my snowday yesterday reading Tabula Rasa. I forgot how amusing it can be to read other people's LJ-based RPs, though this one was harder than the last one I did (anyone remember the Lotrips porn au rp?) because it doesn't have every thread linked visibly and/or some stuff happens offscreen.

I'll link you when I get home; for obvius reasons, I cannot open it at work as it is not work safe in a vairety of texutal medium ways.

Yeah, then I'm just as glad for you to wait. ;)

I can't even access LJ from here - I have to reply from my email!

It's not so much like RP characters, if you go to great lengths to make them look and act like Jim and Blair*.

* This would be when Sims 2 was shiny new, and The Sentinel was still an active fandom.

** Not that I would do that.

*** But I think I may still have their backup disk somewhere...

Oh yes, my former roommates had the PotC house and the SGA house in theirs. But at that point, it's only Sims porn if you make it REALLY CLEAR it's about being able to trap them on the counter and then set things on fire.

(come on, I thought that was the POINT of the Sims!)

Otherwise it'll just read as Sentinel fic, right?

wait. you can set things on fire? No one told me this!

Hahaha, really? That's the WHOLE POINT: setting sims on fire. Well, that and designing the houses.

Oh, and you can let them get into a swimming pool and then take away the ladder so they drown.

Seriously, I've no idea what the point of this game is if not provoking the grim reaper to show up.

(can you tell I get very frustrated with my sims very, VERY quickly?)

And walling them in, don't forget that!

I know someone who managed to catch the Grim Reaper and get him added to a household. Then she let him change his clothes, and he stopped being so Grim, so she caught him *again* and has the Reaper twins.

I'm pretty sure I've got that household saved somewhere (possibly with a token non-Reaper roommate, I don't recall) if you want a copy. (Sims 3, and it may require one of the global hack addons to run.)

I kind of love you right now.

I see how it is. I get the PG but not the porn. XD

Also, \o/!!

The smutty part of my undermistletoe story was written during the final run through of a show I was stage managing. I was literally writing that shit in between running sound cues on a giant table with two computers (one for porn, one for work) and someone videotaping rehearsal right behind me. Who are we to judge when our muses get all horny and perturbed?

On that note, Appropriate Icon is appropriate.

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