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christmas: my obsessions are many and varied

Okay, so City Planning is mostly complete, and the Christmas Village is--here. As are the Christmas 2009 Bear Group.

The final version of the village is still in progress. I really want some more snow covered trees. And possibly another carriage? IDK.

Below cut, image heavy.

I don't even need to disclaim I am not a great photographer. That, I think, is obvious.

The Village in Total (minus the nutcracker, no clue how he got in there) The Village in Total (minus the nutcracker, no clue how he got in there)
This is the table level view of the Christmas village.

Public Works Street Public Works Street
From left to back to right: the train station, ,the library, the bank, the fire station, and the post office.

Merchant's Street Merchant's Street
Right to back: The Brewery, Up-the-Creek Paddle Shop, The Pottery Shop, and Jenn's Craft Shop (literally. That's the name. I love that shop). On the left behind the trees is the greenhouse.

The Park The Park
Left to right: children playing, a father and son looking at birds, kids on a seesaw, kids making a snowman (far back), kid pushing another kid on a sled (near back) and kids--doing something.

Victorian House (end of Merchant's Street) Victorian House (end of Public Works's Street)
Carolers at the Victorian house and a dog house with child.

The Countryside The Countryside
(Okay, my fault on the bright blue thing; I coudnt' find the switch to turn it off) Left to right: treehouse, the forest with deer and bears, and behind that, the farmhouse and distantly, Jenn's Craft Shop. To the back left, that's Santa Land, and forefront is a gazebo. I think you can also see in the large version a guy cutting wood.

Church Church
The Church, which is in the middle of the arrangement.

The Park,, Santaland, and the Greenhouse The Park,, Santaland, and the Greenhouse
An aerial view of the park, Santaland, and the greenhouse. Visible in this picture is also a kid swinging. This is to the right of the Church.

And finally, the Christmas Bears! (minus the snowman and moose auxiliary)

The Bear Collective 2009 The Bear Collective 2009
Okay, left to right, top to bottom: top row: Hwmitzy Bear Collection, circa 2001, then Dillards Bears 2004 through 2009, last Macys 2007; bottom row: Hwmitzy Bear Collection, circa 2001, Gund the storytelling Bear, Lady Godiva 2009 bear, Amazon Bear 2009, Amazon Bear 2009, Maxwell of Harrods, 2009, courtesy of Syllic, Rufus of Harrods's 2009, and Hwmitzy Bear Collection, circa 2001. Not shown: the snowman auxiliary and the moose auxilary.

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