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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's christmas!
children of dune - leto 1
I have achieved assembling my Christmas village. It is now the size of a dining room table with a street specifically for public works. I need houses? I have a merchant's street as well. And a park. There is a Paddle Shop. I have never before nearly had to sit down in a public store becuase I wasn't sure I could keep my feet. And a Paddle Lady. Who stands outside! Selling paddles! Also, there are streetlights. A few. And lots of trees.

....so I'm speculating at my rate of buying, I have one more year before I am going to need another table added. I need a cottage, though. I have two farms and a Victoria house, but I think the rest of my people like, live in teh attics of the shops?

Will post pictures of village and bear collection. It is very cool. This year there is a Christmas Moose auxiliary! I have no clue where the moose came from, but them and teh snowmen showed up at some point, so it's--well, I'll be honest, where the hell did I get a moose and snowman auxiliary? And apparently, okay, since 2007 I have had this bunny in a stocking? I have pictures in my LJ! NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THAT CAME FROM.

If they're breeding, wouldn't they breed other bears? *disturbed*

In other news, I'm curious. Gakked from, um, everyone:

If I came with a warning label, what would it say?

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....I really, really should have seen that coming.

*creates sticker!*

You really should have. :D

Come poke me on IM some time?

Warning: Rage blackouts may contain mutual self destruction pacts.

As the Lord and nature intended!

Warning: Subject is armed (with a pen) and dangerous. If you see her writing, *run the other way*

Just kidding >_> I love your writing!

Actually, during the process of writing, I can be really focused and kind of--not there. And paste single sentences into AIM asking how they sound. *g*


Well, if you ever need someone to bug and your other friends aren't on, feel free to hit me up for my AIM. I'd love a before-its-posted peek at your writing :P

Boat paddles or butt paddles?

I second this question. If it is the FORMER I *need* to know where I can find one for my daughter.

Edited for: OMG former former FORMER - my family is not quite like other families when it comes to talking about sex BUT not to that extent.

Edited at 2009-12-27 06:19 pm (UTC)

*laughs* Wal-Mart, and boat paddles, yes. And you can get a tiny woman selling paddles as well to stand outside!

Thank god for having a paid account that what I say!

And thanks. I'm a Brit but I have American peeps who can shop for me as long as I can point them to where *g*

Warning: late night IM conversations may lead to splattered monitors


Hey, I got an Xmas moose last weekend! $5 at the Bath and Body Shop, marvelously plushy, currently living on my desk at work in easy squeezing distance. (As opposed to on the bookshelf behind me with the Sparklebun, where I can't see it or reach it at any given time.)

ADVERTENCIA: Have Child, will travel.

...er, yeah. I got nuthin'. *shrug*

BUT I see you are one of the village people. Some have twenty christmas trees, some have thirty favorite holiday recipes, some could confuse airline pilots and out-glow The Strip with their lights. We have...tiny houses.

Quick! Quash the urge, lest yours take over entire rooms and you're stuck city-planning through the windows!

Cutest bear I have seen this holiday: http://store.hbc.com/foryourhome/canadian-olympic-team-collector-bear-holly/prodHPACRF9343.html

I WANTS IT, but my bear collection is already proving hard to store between Christmases. LOL

Katy left the same day that Adam moved in, although neither of them had planned it and Kris almost didn't notice at the time.

He'd been away touring, and Adam was wrapping up seven months on the road and was heading back out in six weeks. "You should take my keys," Kris said out of the blue one evening while they were sitting in total silence in the calm stillness of a hotel room, the screaming roar of twenty thousand fans momentarily far away, writing song lyrics on opposite ends of the couch. "I'm never there, anyway."

Adam had looked up from his notebook, his hair falling in his eyes. His eyeliner was smudged, Kris noticed, but it was three in the morning, after all.

"Are you sure?" Adam said, a little blankly. "I can get a hotel room. I don't mind, honestly."

"I don't mind," Kris said firmly, and looked back down, suddenly bafflingly self-conscious. A rhyme for love--glove? Dove? He rolled his eyes, scratched the line out, and chewed on his pen. Adam never said anything about it, and Kris went to bed and Adam sacked out on the couch pretty soon after, but Kris noticed his house key was missing from the keychain in the morning.

Two weeks later he got a text from Adam. It said "ur house is 2 small" and Kris snorted, because he knew exactly what that meant, and Adam was just going to have to live with the two closets in the spare guest rooms, he wasn't getting the master walk-in.

Katy didn't text him. She called him instead, several times a day, full of news about her day and always asking him about his. She made sympathetic noises when he told her about the crazy fan who got past security and gave him a garter belt with his face over the crotch, and giggled when he reported that Pinky, the member of security who weighted over 300 pounds and had NADER tattooed on his neck had hooked up with the skinny kid who helped run sound. She told him about her work, gossiped about her co-workers, chatted about people he'd never met and probably never would, passed on messages from friends and family. She seemed happy, and he was happy to talk with her.

She never mentioned that she'd moved out. Kris probably never would have known if the papers hadn't come in the mail, and Katy's address was all the way across town.

He came home then, arrived nineteen hours later. He wrote constantly in his notebook during a flight and a layover and another flight and a taxi ride, and at the end of it all Adam met him at the door, eyes kind.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kris asked, and Adam gave him a crooked, tentative smile.

"Why didn't she?" Adam asked quietly.

Kris let his bag fall, and held the notebook tight. "I guess you can have the big closet now," he said, a bit numbly. Adam snorted, and towed him upstairs.

"I took that weeks ago," he said lightly, and pushed Kris down on the master bed. "You should sleep."

"She isn't coming back," Kris told his shoes as he toed them off--testing how it sounded. It sounded honest. "I don't know why." That didn't sound honest. His shoes didn't look convinced, anyway. His eyes started to burn.

"Yes, you do," Adam said quietly, and Kris fell back and stared at the ceiling. He blinked twice, and the tears trickled down his temples, slid into his hair.

A while later, Adam lay down next to him. Kris lay next to him, and breathed slowly, steadily. He could smell Adam on the sheets.

He did know why.

"Danger, may contain bears"

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