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it's christmas!

I have achieved assembling my Christmas village. It is now the size of a dining room table with a street specifically for public works. I need houses? I have a merchant's street as well. And a park. There is a Paddle Shop. I have never before nearly had to sit down in a public store becuase I wasn't sure I could keep my feet. And a Paddle Lady. Who stands outside! Selling paddles! Also, there are streetlights. A few. And lots of trees. I'm speculating at my rate of buying, I have one more year before I am going to need another table added. I need a cottage, though. I have two farms and a Victoria house, but I think the rest of my people like, live in teh attics of the shops?

Will post pictures of village and bear collection. It is very cool. This year there is a Christmas Moose auxiliary! I have no clue where the moose came from, but them and teh snowmen showed up at some point, so it's--well, I'll be honest, where the hell did I get a moose and snowman auxiliary? And apparently, okay, since 2007 I have had this bunny in a stocking? I have pictures in my LJ! NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THAT CAME FROM.

If they're breeding, wouldn't they breed other bears? *disturbed*

In other news, I'm curious. Gakked from, um, everyone:

If I came with a warning label, what would it say?
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