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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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my saturday, which is turning out to be surreal
children of dune - leto 1
Week two of How Did I Become This Person Obsessively Downloading Youtube Vids of an AI Contestant, Oh My God, This Cannot Be My Life, by jenn, with notes from svmadelyn. Also, Adam as a pony? I--don't know. We're sober, which is the sad part.

seperis: I am watching his Ellen performance!
seperis: *GLEE*
seperis: I'm converting V, btw.
svmadelyn: god, poor v
seperis: He's rocking the leather jacket.
svmadelyn: i saw that too!
seperis: *purrs*
svmadelyn: I have been a good little fangirl!
svmadelyn: I have eaten my allotment of adam spinach
seperis: There is no allotment.
seperis: There is only all.
svmadelyn: ...and am dancing to fever
svmadelyn: fever would be such a good ej/sami song
seperis: Well, who wouldn't?
svmadelyn: I'm going to propose it to the ejami vidding section.
seperis: I seriously have to see him live.
seperis: And I don't think I've--ever said that.
seperis: *blank*
svmadelyn: *dies*
svmadelyn: a pilgrimage.
svmadelyn: GO TO MECCA, BB.
seperis: I'm seriously kind of boggling at myself.
svmadelyn: no, I totally understand
seperis: God, if he comes to Austin, I may have to drug V and make her come along.
svmadelyn: I was that way with city of blinding lights.
seperis: Well, of course you do. You're a fangirl.
svmadelyn: I do not *do* concerts.
svmadelyn: I don't like them.
svmadelyn: but for that song
svmadelyn: it was like, a three year fantasy
svmadelyn: of seeing it live.
svmadelyn: that song is john sheppard and atlantis in my head.
svmadelyn: so it's like, spiritual.
seperis: *nods*
seperis: Okay.
seperis: The thing is.
seperis: I notice a difference in his voice between HD and regular youtube.
svmadelyn: *giggles*
seperis: I am not built to notice that kind of shit.
seperis: *blank*
svmadelyn: dedication.
seperis: There is something wrong here.
seperis: Goddamn astolat
seperis: ...maybe I should buy the CD.
seperis: *haunted look*
seperis: For the--the higher sound quality.
seperis: And possibly a stereo with which to play it?
svmadelyn: fight susan boyle.
seperis: I--don't have one.
seperis: *helpless*
seperis: I should get one?
svmadelyn: ....well, you can um
svmadelyn: play the cd on your computer.
seperis: *horrified look* Laptop speakers.
svmadelyn: you can't buy a stereo for one cd.
svmadelyn: it's just WRONG.
svmadelyn: *fears for everyone*
seperis: I...I know.
seperis: *dazed*
seperis: Maybe if it-if it had like, wireless to my laptop?
seperis: That would be--plausible.
svmadelyn: “I just feel like you’re ignoring me or something,” Kris says, and Adam feels like he’s going to throw up or pass out, or throw up and pass out.

So he forces a bored expression on his face, and concedes, “Yeah, maybe.”

Kris’s brows furrow. “Yeah, you’re ignoring me?”

“No, not really that. It’s just—I mean, I guess it’s kind of lame that we keep trying to live in the past, pretend like we’re actually BFFs or whatever,” Adam waves his hand around languidly, and realizes its shaking, so he pulls it back down fast.

“What?” Kris blinks.

svmadelyn: *DESPERATE*
seperis: Oh thank God.
svmadelyn: Kris doesn't know what to do with a vampire, but he knows what to do with Adam, so he reaches over and slams Adam against the wall. His hardened wolf body enjoys the contact, and Adam's fangs extend.
seperis: Someone needs to talk me out of the stereo.
seperis: Oooh, Adam.
seperis: *PURRS*
svmadelyn: SEE I AM WRITING
seperis: I love you.
seperis: LIKE A LOT
svmadelyn: ...not too far-fetched for Adam.
svmadelyn: That boy has lived.
seperis: Nope.
seperis: It is not.
seperis: Please keep writing so I won't go to amazon and price stereos.

There should be a mood for "haunted and afraid". With sparkles. *headdesk*

I feel the need to clarify that I am not making anyone into a vampire or, uh. Giving someone a wolf body. You just have to get CREATIVE SOMETIMES as a distractionary measure, okay?


Good quality headphones (hell, even medium quality) + computer cd player = awesomesauce. NO WORRIES.

...I should close amazon now, shouldn't I? I have headphones!

...I think they suck, because I never noticed this crap before. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

Oh look, a shiny stereo! Wow, I bet For Your Entertainment would sound AWESOME on that.

... Oh, talk you out of it. Oops, sorry.

*helpless* I don't even know what--to look for? Once I had a computer and then my ipod, I never--really.

*stares at them* They have changed since the last time I went shopping for one. Like, when i was twenty.

I don't know whether you ~go to ontd_ai, but even if you do now, you may not have read my flocked concert post there? Anyway, I have it on my lj, unlocked to a couple of people who don't ~go there. I just added you, and madelyn too (waves to madelyn!) in case you want to read it. That way the two of you can laugh at me together more easily. OR BE JEALOUS.

Seriously, I only decided to go at the last minute, and hearing Adam live is... okay, listen, I'm batshit at this point, okay? We all know that. Hearing him live was unfuckingbelievable. And that was an AI concert. I mean, wtf, I still can't believe I went. (Hearing Kris live was awesome, too -- he is way intense and strong in person as a performer, and that was before he got all ~experienced and before I was really that into him(Allison's voice was amazing, too)).

I tempered my Glambert tendencies because it was written for ontd_ai, lol, so my actual reaction to Adam singing live was probably what I wrote, times a billion. It was like being hit by a hurricane, gale forced wind voice. I haven't heard anything like it.

Here's the link if you want to read it: http://cathalin.livejournal.com/64520.html?mode=reply

I'm going to go with being jealous, 'cause that sounds like an amazing experience. *grins*

Madelyn: *reading the Gokey part of Cathalin's post*
Madelyn: I can totally make more Gokey jokes in my story too.
Jenn: You should!
Madelyn: But to say Adam didn’t engage the crowd is ridiculous. For example, he did the “clap your hand now arms” and there was INSTANT OBEDIENCE.
Madelyn: for some reason, that cracks me up so hard
Jenn: *GLEE*
Jenn: Of course.

Hee. This is what Adam Lambert does to people! I am dyyyyying to see a concert with him, I'm going to be majorly overwhelmed.

Yes, this. *buries head in hands* I get *headaches* and my *ears hurt* and yet I REALLY NEED TO GO.

On the subject of HD -- you probably weren't in the fandom when this marvel was posted, and you really should take a look.


*blinking slowly*

God. Yes.


Edited at 2009-12-06 08:35 am (UTC)

You should totes get the ~deluxe version of his album off itunes which also includes about a 1/2 hour of video interview/footage of him. :DD

(though I'm sure someone has ripped it for youtube)

oh look another interview link (I enjoy his facial expressions):

just radio:

and an oldie but goodie if you enjoy "Kradam":

great I am now an Adam Lambert interview spammer fml

...oh I bought it. *sad for self*

Ooh, youtube! *clicks*

I am so happy you're succumbing to the crack that is Adam Lambert. One of my favourite things about hIm is how utterly sweet and charming he is in interviews compared to his sexy hot performances. The dichotomy is fascinating.

*breathes* Yeah. Very.

obviously you need a stereo.

AND BRAD. how you and madelyn don't have brad in your lives i will never know. BRAD, OKAY?

I need a stereo! Or really good headphones, apparently.

*blank* I don't even know how I got to this point.

I would like to say that I'm following your journey to becoming a hardcore Adam stan with much glee and hilarity. Girl, you have NO IDEA how much worse it's gonna get! I wish I could just copy my massive file of Adam media onto a hard drive and just give it to you to save you some trouble (actually, this is possible since we're both in ATX, so let me know). HEE!

I seriously may take you up on that. There's a shocking amount of downloaded youtube and I can't even find a plausible bad lie for why I must have it on my hard drive, and not just watch on youtube like someone more sane.


You could get some speakers for your laptop, which you could plug in or remove as necessary, and that would be much cheaper than buying a whole stereo system. :-D

..I don't think of obvious things like that. *blank* Yes, that woudl be much less expensive. And useful!

*jumps up and down with SO MUCH GLEEEEEE*

For you. *narrow eyes*


Adam likes to talk about the life-changing effects of narcotics, the story told so often it's almost like listening to a fairy tale now, misty-edge and faintly unreal. Sleep deprivation may not be a narcotic, but it sure has the some common elements, which is the only explanation Kris has for a flat tire fifteen hours from LA and somewhere not Las Cruces, no matter what the GPS says.

He's still staring at the tire when Adam deigns to get his ass out of the car, because there's only so much time you can convincingly fake sleep and Adam wasn't convincing when they weren't stopped on the side of a road that isn't I-10 and there was actual air conditioning. Kris figures if nothing else, the power of humidity battling a flat iron will do the trick, and Kris is pretty sure there's not enough product in the world to combat ninety percent humidity.

"So." Adam looks at the tire like he looks at broken coffee pots and flannel worn without irony. "We have a spare."

"I know." Existential crises shouldn't happen on obscure farm roads, but he's never had an actual one, so what the hell does he know? "I'm thinking."

"About how to change a tire?"

Kris wants to glare, but they're kind of beyond glaring at this point. "I know how to change a tire." Looking up, Kris wishes Adam would at least pretend to be uncomfortable, but he doesn't bother. Kris wishes viciously the sweat would at least smudge his eyeliner. Just a little.

The jack is where Kris put it, under the car and ready for lifting, and he's holding the wrench like it's his last great hope for sanity, sticky and sliding against his palm and his skin will smell of hot metal for hours now. The tire is right behind him. He even remembers crouching, ready to shout at Adam to get out already so he can get this over with, and he's not sure how long it's been, but apparently, it's been a while.

"It's hot," Kris says finally, putting the wrench to the first nut, fingers sliding on the metal before he can get a grip. Dropping it, he wipes his palms on his jeans.

"I'll do it." Kris gives him an incredulous look. "What? You think I can't change a tire?"

To be honest, Kris can't say he's ever had an opinion on Adam's relationship with automobile maintenance. "More that you'd get pissed if you chipped your nails," Kris answers honestly. Maybe he *is** high after all: three hours of Adam patiently painting them against his knee, foot braced against the dashboard and the smell of OPI filling the car even with all the windows open.

Adam gives his fingers a regretful look, then kicks his knee. "Granted. Now move."

Pushing a hand against the scraggly grass, Kris straightens, fighting the urge to groan at the pop in his back. He'd taken the last seven hours and refused every offer to switch. Right now, he can't remember why he thought that was a good idea. It's not that Adam's a bad driver; Kris just isn't used to not being behind the wheel.

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Your descent into Adam-dom is so, so amusing. :x

It's weird and wrong and I thought I was past the danger point! AND YET.




*comments here while F5'ing other thread in case there is more coming omg*

also now I desperately need to a whole photoshoot of 1950s-style pin-up style pictures like that one from that Details photoshoot with Adam changing a tire, all sweaty and damp in hot sun reflecting off rims and chrome and Adam's arms all bunched up and Kris watching desperately from the grass and gulping water. um.


...God, I want that now.


I should probably feel badly for you, but I totally don't. It just makes me feel less lonely hanging out here in Crazytown.

I don't even know how i ended up here!

Goddamn Letterman. Had to watch that performance.