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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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..I don't even know.
the gekko story
Child's essay for class for Thanksgiving.

...no, really. Just. Um. {} are my additions

What I Am Thankful For {by Child}

On thanksgiving I had said I was thankful for my loving mother. I was thankful for my three cousins {Niece, Niece Two, and Nephew}. But last I am thankful for my whole family and this glorious country of America.

free right

It was a cold Dec 7, 2012. In a post-apocalyptic world, dead bodies had lined the streets in black body bags. Cars were abandoned. I was in the middle of 100s of infected people with a bomb. But let me back up to when it all started. At midnight on January 1, 2012, a mass zombie outbreak had happened because a mutated meteor had hit the earth. The people in {unknown word} had died but kept walking to be {unknown word}


Child: What do you think?
Me: So it's genetic, huh?
Child: *bemused*

He's gone to type and finish it.

So. Apparently, destroying the world in fiction is like, a gene or something. Or maybe it was too much Torchwood?


ETA: Second draft is lingering lovingly on the details of the rotting corpses. I may never sleep again.

ETA 2: Holy God, he thinks he's writing a children's book.

You are such a good influence.

It could be worse. *philosophical* Notice this is retrospective on Thanksgiving of 2012? I AM STILL ALIVE.

God bless him for not killing his mother. That I have to say that scares me badly.

(Deleted comment)
And people wonder why I don't sleep well.

*stare at door blankly*


I have to confess that I don't really understand the transition from Thanksgiving gratitude to zombie apocalypse, but who am I to really ask questions.

*hands* Like I understand ~artists~. I think it is a retrospective? Currently he's working on the detail of the dead bodies.

That's really rather wonderful :)

I was pleased to see the use of "had lined".

I am cackling, I'll have you know. And I've haven't even been around here for that long.

Somewhere in here I have his first fanfic, a remix of Nightmare on Elm Street. I should just give up and get him an AOOO account already.

AWWWWW. Baby's first apocafic? :D

Well, there was that Nightmare on Elm Street remix he did a few years ago. But that didnt' end the world, and I think he defeated the bad guys?



*curls up in tight ball* My life will never be the same.

I, for one, will welcome our new overlord once he gets around to taking over. (Wasn't he trying to create clones for a while, or am I misremembering?)

*resigned* Still is. Still have Unmentionable Holes in the backyard. Still steals cream of tartar powder from the kitchen for no discernible reason. I feel like I'm living in a novel but keep missing the clues that will explain the resolution.

*cries with laughter*

He is unique.

Yes. This word! I like it!


your kid is amazing

This is why we had a special heart-to-heart on Who Not to Destroy When You Take Over the World.

When I grow up, I want a kid like your kid :D

I could sell him? *hopeful* So someone else can pay his future therapy bills.

i love your kid so hard. the fact that he was bemused and then you were bewildered is probably the best part.


He's rocking the nuclear weapons, yo. He escalates.

Sorry, giggling like a maniac here (no, seriously, as my partner who I just read this to). I thought Youngest was bad, but he's only killing off the Pokemon he doesn't like in the fic he's writing right now not, you know, most of the human population. This is so awesome!

Mebbe he's just killing off the people he doesn't like? Because, let's face it, most of humanity is a waste of space.

Why, yes, I work a customer-service job, why do you ask?

I actually would like to read the rest of it. He's off to a good start, certainly. ♥

(And didn't you have a fic or 12 that started the same way, Jenn?)