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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i have bears!
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, yes, the picture is not of the highest quality, but blame Android for not updating their settings for semi-dark.

First, thank you syllic--the bears arrived! AND THEY ARE ADORABLE. And I am scared to touch them too much, as you know, adorable.

May I present the 2009 Collection of Christmas Bears in my ongoing quest to be the one reported in teh newspaper decades from now "She died, surrounded by bears. A lot of bears," while people interview children who call me "That crazy bear lady."

I'll do a full group picture of the entire collection when we unpack them this week. I am wondering if they will fit on teh sofa anymore.

The Current 2009 Collection
The Current 2009 Collection
Date: November 27, 2009 From left to right: Gund Storytelling Bear that talks! Talks!; Dillards 2009, Harrod's 2009 Maxwell and Rufus (wearing a scarf!), Amazon 2009 Polar Bear, and Godiva 2009.


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I kind of understand you, since I have about 300 80s era My Little Ponies stashed away from my collector's craze, but still... Crazy Bear Lady ;)

Ha! Crazy Pony Lady! *kindred spirit*

Have you read Sloane Crosley's I Was Told There'd Be Cake? The first essay is about her massive My Little Pony collection, lol.


sorry. *composes self*

I SQUEED WHEN I SAW THE BOX. Then I cuddled them and took a pic of them with my baby niece. IT WAS LIKE UNHOLY CUTE. THE WORLD TREMBLED.

*pets bears carefully* I am afraid to squish their fur!

Did you get the Kirk&Spock bears? They are holiday themed if you put some mistletoe above them.

Also, I enjoy that your Adam Lambert icon has the same facial/hand gesture as your Arthur one did. XD

Wonderul indeed, Kirk Bear and Spock Bear.

I particularly covet the Spock bear but I could afford about 1 ear!

Edited at 2009-11-28 11:17 am (UTC)

Me: Haha, bears.

*looks over at Graceland teddy bear sitting next to her on the couch*

Me: Dude, mom was going to give you to Goodwill. I HAD to take you home with me. Yes, even though that meant coming straight from mom's house to work this morning, therefore, actually being a grown woman who took a teddy bear to work with her.

teddy bear: *CAN'T TALK, IS A BEAR*

So, yeah.

Awwwww! My Christmas plushies are calling out to me now.

They own the relicner.

That's an impressive number of bears. I can't collect anything stuffed due to a tragic interaction between stuffed animals and the dachshund.

But. Bears!

I used to collect bears

And then I drifted away. These are so cute! Although I try to keep my stuffies to a minimum since Gatz has taken to using George the not bear as his bitch!

I never get very far in collecting, partly because I'm always broke? but I don't really have the follow-through, either. nothing's ever been able to keep my interest beyond the first couple of Things, for varying values of Thing. but I love to see other peoples' collections, and I really love your bears.

Awww. They're ADORABLE.
One of the sad things about Marshall Field's turning into Macy's here in Chicago was the loss of the Marshall Field's Christmas bears. Sigh.

I thought about you when I was at Heathrow airport. Apparently they have a Harrods there and I could have gotten it for you there. Ah well.

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