Seperis (seperis) wrote,

i have bears!

Okay, yes, the picture is not of the highest quality, but blame Android for not updating their settings for semi-dark.

First, thank you syllic--the bears arrived! AND THEY ARE ADORABLE. And I am scared to touch them too much, as you know, adorable.

May I present the 2009 Collection of Christmas Bears in my ongoing quest to be the one reported in teh newspaper decades from now "She died, surrounded by bears. A lot of bears," while people interview children who call me "That crazy bear lady."

I'll do a full group picture of the entire collection when we unpack them this week. I am wondering if they will fit on teh sofa anymore.

The Current 2009 Collection
The Current 2009 Collection
Date: November 27, 2009 From left to right: Gund Storytelling Bear that talks! Talks!; Dillards 2009, Harrod's 2009 Maxwell and Rufus (wearing a scarf!), Amazon 2009 Polar Bear, and Godiva 2009.

Tags: christmas
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