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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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surprise me with a smile
children of dune - leto 1
We have achieved:

1.) Turkey and deliciousness. My God, the deliciousness. There was corn souflee.
2.) Completed uploading all QAF and all single-entry-in-LJ Merlin fic to Archive of Our Own, link here for those who have really been hating reading in LJ format.
3.) Bought Adam Lambert's album in deluxe, and I kind of can't work out where this is coming from. Yes, I know, astolat, but also, seriously, I listened to him during AI and I liked some of it (I love covers that recreate the original song in interesting ways; I have a playlist that's nothing but covers), and the AMAs were--wow, and the video was amazing, but--okay, yeah, astolat did this. Plus, Whataya Want From Me has been on repeat for about twelve hours now because like I once explained about my dysfunctional relationship with music, only one in ten songs I like and only one in a fuckload more become an obsession that turns into a spiritual journey (fictionally speaking) and hey, this one is it.

I seriously, seriously love this one and For Your Entertainment. They are writing music. They have their own playlist.

Granted, varied with Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone and Daughtry's Life After You and I don't know about anyone else, but I see a pattern here. The only reason David Cook isn't playing is I burned through him writing Merlinfic earlier this year and I haven't recovered from it yet.

I am turkey-enabled and listening to Adam Lambert while re-reading astolat's AIRPS fic. I mean, I'm sure someone somewhere is having a better Thanksgiving, but I cannot see how. I'm not even wearing pants! (I am wearing pajamas.) In bed! There is pie later!

Random recs from the last forty-eight hours of reading.

House of the Living by astolat, AIRPS, zombies. No, really. Zombies. And done so beautifully I kind of hurt from reading it. And really, there should be more fic with Adam armed. Yes, my kinks are not your kinks, but Adam is shooting things and--wait, why isn't this your kink? You are weird.

We Are Not Your Friends (We're Here to Eat You), a fusion of AIRPS and True Blood. This should not work and yet it does and does it well.

Bluebird by basingstoke, Torchwood/Addams Family, Jack/Ianto. Look, I would not steer you wrong. It's everything that Torchwood is in it's craziness and everything that the Addam's Family always has been, no matter how much we didn't know what we were watching before. It's pretty awesome.

Still Life by Jeepers, Star Trek RPS, Zach/Chris. This one is incredibly well written and sharp and sweet by turn. It's one of my favorite re-reads in the fandom.

*settles down with more fic*

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...no. Is it up somewhere? This is my song! I NEED THIS.

I'm also capslocking. I am not ashamed, but eventually, I might realize I should be?

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I'm becoming more entranced with Adam every day and I think I know who is to blame *eyes astolat and morebliss suspiciously*

This. Damn them. And linzeestyle above did not help with that.

Oh yeah. I'm totally blaming Astolat for this one, I didn't even watch AI and suddenly I found myself on the AI website watching all of the Adam vids and pre-ordering the deluxe album on iTunes >.

This. Also, they no longer have Adam's rendition of Ring of Fire at iTunes! I WAS VERY UNHAPPY.

hellooooo. hi. can we help you with some information? some downloads? did you get the THREE extra songs (being time for miracles, master plan and down the rabbit hole)?

*grins* That is why I bought the deluxe and I never buy albums.

Couldn't someone, somewhere, release a DVD or bluray of every single performance he has ever done, ever somewhere? *sulks* I cant' find the AMA performance anymore and that is not happy making.

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I'm cheap. I just bought two of his songs from Itunes. I like Whatya Want from Me and Time for Miracle.s

If you combine two of Amazon's deals (and live in the US) you can get his regular album for $1. Details on Astolat's lj (basically, Amazon's offering $3 in download credit and the album for $4)

Recently joined the Adam obsessive society myself and so feel compelled to tell you that if you join the lj comunity ontd_ai they have every single episode of Season 8 in their archives and available to download.

I have had the album for 4 days now and have gone thru at least 5 songs that I am addicted too. Right now I am on Pick U Up. I defy you not too sing along.

You've seen the music video for fye, right? :D

The OMG!HOT video, you mean? ;D

(Deleted comment)
I love you. I lack a basic sense of aesthetics when making icons, and OMG these are lovely! STEALING NOW KTHX.

The power of Adam Lambert is pretty undeniable. The fact that so many people are succumbing makes me feel less crazy (or at least less lonely) that I'm all ♥_♥ about him all the time. He's the first person I've felt inspired to write fic about in years.

Basically, I think he might actually be a magical unicorn prince.

Welcome to the crazy train! I love seeing a new Adam fan! And isn't House of the Living amazing? I've shared that one with a few people outside of fansdom, and they loved it. :)

Ha! I have been reading astolat's entries as well, and find myself tempted...

Which is ridiculous, because I don't even like the Idol show in my own country, let alone someone else's!

Still.....*folds like a cheap card table*

He's so pretty! lol

OMG, you're getting into my current favorite fandom? SqueeeeEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Please tell me you've seen the For Your Entertainment video. You do not want to know how many times I've watched it this week. Hot. Like. Fire.

Still Life by Jeepers, Star Trek RPS, Zach/Chris.
For a minute there, I thought you had found a story I hadn't read yet. :( (Btw, are you following this series? If not, you should be.)

Short shameful confession: I clicked on that zombie story link and on seeing the banner at top, immediately realized two things:

1) I don't actually know who Adam Lambert is.
2) Woo-hoo! M1 Garand!

...sometimes I am very out of step with my flist. :)