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so this will be my life for a while

So I started the task of adding my fic to An Archive of Our Own, which I also need to add two geocities-killed archives to. Which is--gah. I mean, not that it is not awesome here, trust me, it's just I went to check how many fic I am looking at adding.

My list is highly outdated. Like, I haven't updated it in a year and a half, and like, six or so fandoms. All but Merlin are formatted (two Merlin are formatted), but the thing is? I have to redo my graphics to add fandoms and I can't--I can't face that.

I also want a tag based program for my website so I don't have to deal with this. Indexes dynamically created! Manna from the sky! But I want to do the coding myself for the stories and the site, because yes, it's crazy, but two things zen me out besides writing--coding and recoding. And organizing my iTunes playlists down to grouping by whether or not I liked the song because it was in a vid first.

Today I don't want a pony. Today I want to magically understand complex Perl scripting so I can use it on my website.

Um, for the curious, my work is here. It's--not much. I'm importing my website in sets of ten--yeah, that's not going to take forever--and in between adding the fic that is LJ only. I just don't see how this won't end in me going insane, tbh.

*paws weakly at archive* It is shiny! SO SHINY. Except--like, three hundred and thirtish something stories. I do not know that I can face this.
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