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so this will be my life for a while
children of dune - leto 1
So I started the task of adding my fic to An Archive of Our Own, which I also need to add two geocities-killed archives to. Which is--gah. I mean, not that it is not awesome here, trust me, it's just I went to check how many fic I am looking at adding.

My list is highly outdated. Like, I haven't updated it in a year and a half, and like, six or so fandoms. All but Merlin are formatted (two Merlin are formatted), but the thing is? I have to redo my graphics to add fandoms and I can't--I can't face that.

I also want a tag based program for my website so I don't have to deal with this. Indexes dynamically created! Manna from the sky! But I want to do the coding myself for the stories and the site, because yes, it's crazy, but two things zen me out besides writing--coding and recoding. And organizing my iTunes playlists down to grouping by whether or not I liked the song because it was in a vid first.

Today I don't want a pony. Today I want to magically understand complex Perl scripting so I can use it on my website.

Um, for the curious, my work is here. It's--not much. I'm importing my website in sets of ten--yeah, that's not going to take forever--and in between adding the fic that is LJ only. I just don't see how this won't end in me going insane, tbh.

*paws weakly at archive* It is shiny! SO SHINY. Except--like, three hundred and thirtish something stories. I do not know that I can face this.

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I'm uploading one fandom at a time, in backwards order. Mostly. And flailing.

Three stories a day. You'll be done in less than 4 months. That's not so bad. There's no hurry, after all.

You can do it! *pompoms*

Sweet potato, you don't have to do it all at once. Honest. ::pats you::

And yeah, I'm pretty daunted meself, and I don't nearly have as many as you do.

Oh, god, me, too! But there's so MUCH of it, it's just horrifying. And the older stuff, which is all (badly) hand-coded, isn't going to import nicely, oh no.

Why did I write so much?

Complex Perl Scripting is incredibly hot. It I could find complex perl scripting porn if would make my fannish year. I should have suggested it at Yuletide. =/

There is no reason that you have to do it right away. The archive is not going anywhere. Why don't you set a side time each week to add stories. Make it 1/2 an hour or something like that but whatever amount you decide don't spend anymore time then you planned. That breaks it down into manageable portions and make it less daunting and you will get done when you get done.

Maybe you could outsource your perl scripting? You offer to write porn in exchange for someone to write you a script doing what you want in return?

Note to self:

Do not even presume to complain about cleaning up pithy few for archive.

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