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youtube's fight for a soul
children of dune - leto 1
So does anyone know if youtube had some kind of religious experience? Several vids I had on my favorites that were taken down are now up again and acting like they never left. That's--odd.

Map of the Problematique by silverautumn
So Much Better by LadyofTear

"Gone" is showing up but youtube states it is not available in my country.

In fact, some of the others showing as missing are showing up with an active link, but not playable.

Hands up--anyone else notice a revolution? Because seriously, this? Is odd.

ETA: giandujakiss says youtube is bringing them back due to negotations with the copyright holders. This is possibly the first and last time I will say this--well done, youtube.

And in case this didn't get across, you really really really need to watch Map of the Problematique by silverautumn, SGA. It's amazing. I would kill or at least beg really humiliatingly for a downloadable in HD, because there is nothing about this one that isn't awesome. She catches every damn beat and the cuts of the city coming up from the water are not to be missed. She also did my favorite Children of Dune vid, Hey Jude. Just--wow. I mean, seriously, wow.

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YT made a deal with more music companies - maybe Warner? - and vids that were previously disabled were re-enabled. It happened to a couple of my vids that had been down for, like, over a year.

Oh nice. I like this! Wow, youtube is more awesome than expected.

Except for how they're increasingly kind of evil!


Across material from all his clients, about 20% gets blocked for reasons such as a user piggybacking on footage to push their own website or because the use does not fit the original's values. Mr Bean, for example, is a family brand and so the producers want any user-generated content containing the character to reflect that.

So I had like, ten minutes of happy feelings? Problematique is back!

I'm now thinking of Disney's iron-grasp on Mickey Mouse again. Gah.

No idea, but that first one's a really great vid.

Seriously, I joined Vid Vault or whatever it's called just to get that one back. It's one of my favorites.

Huh, vid vault? Don't think I've heard of that.


You have to get an account, but there's a ton of vids in here. And they seem to load faster than youtube does.

Cool! Thanks for the link.

I was kind of like drugged for two days watching there, blindly clicking for new vids.

I dl'd Problematique using one of those online "Download from youtube" sites, but it's all pixilated and murky, pretty much as it is on youtube. I'd love a pristine, clear copy in HD from DVD source. It would really pop, visually! Nice edits, good clip choice!

Ohhh, that's a gorgeous vid. That's a pretty good summary of why I like SGA, right there.

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