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The Toybox

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did not get sick and die in Chicago! Yay!
children of dune - leto 1
Back from birthday visit to svmadelyn and did not get sick! CHICAGO, YOU ARE OF THE WIN. IT IS A SHOCK.

(Actually, it kind of is. Like, my last two visits, I got bronchitis. Not kidding.)

So it was a blast, and we had much fun of hanging out and there was New Moon with talitha78, frostfire_14, and mcshepylove (I think?), which was okay, so you can hate Twilight and all it stands for, but you cannot hate Jacob, who did a totes gratituous shot of stripping off his shirt for us to examine his abs. And they were very nice to examine. Also, despite the fact I wasn't a huge Jacob person in teh books? The abs changed my mind. I am totes wondering why the hell Bella is not into awesome werewolves, mmkay?

Let me point out, if you are wavering--all the werewolves? Go shirtless a lot. With shorts. I mean--*hands*. Come on. Hate Twilight, but do not hate the pack. They are like awesome.

I did good deeds like a.) changing lightbulbs (it was like she was waiting for me to show up with my extra six inches of height, and I am proud to say we did not die, though seriously, we wondered), there was the Swedish bakery (oh my God, I can't even talk about it without crying, it was so much food I wanted to eat) and brunch at Jones, which was delicious beyond words. And I made my flight, which was a miracle, and also, I did not get bronchitis whihc was the best part. We also went to Hard Rock Cafe, which yes, its commercial, but it is delicious, so there.

All in all, a wonderful weekend. And Thanksgiving turkey this week! I do not see how I can stand the suspense. Happy!

ETA: We also watched the Star Trek awesomeness with celli and I think I fell in love with Kirk and Spock all over again. It was that awesome. Happy place. HAPPY TREK PLACE.

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ack! I am so bummed I missed you, but I am germy and contagious and it's all for the best. But YAY GOOD VISIT YAY!

Swedish baker = best. cakes. EVER.

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