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My Lemming icon, since I am officially taking my place as a follower of other lemmings. Today's cliff is called Firefly, which I shall happily jump.

Okay, so for the first time, I kept with a show when it didn't particularly impress me on first couple of eps. But--oh yeah, I'm so here.

Wow. So far, it's been uneven, but with the last four episodes, they're totally hitting exactly the right stride. Just beautiful ACTION that does this character development, and everyone is soooo damn interesting.

Inara will grow on me. I will MAKE it happen.

I suppose what appealed to me most is my practical side. For those who have watched Star Trek or, you know, any action oriented sci-fi, the good guys annoy the shit out of you half the time whne they WON'T KILL THE DAMN ENEMY ALREADY. KILL MAIM WHATEVER, JUST DO IT. Because the enemy always kicks you in the ass later. First ep, they made me smile by kicking Stupid Minion Guy into that thing to die when he annoyed them. Now, lots of death. Happy. Guns and beautiful shooting and Zoe kicking all kinds of ass without even breaking a sweat.

Okay, so the Worst Bad Guy got away. *sighs* No show is perfect. But. Banter! Torture! Mayhem! And River kicked serious ass, looking like she was trying out interpretive murder dance with some of the most graceful shots in existence. So nicely contrasted with the beginning and the kid's chase game over the ship.

And Zoe--oh God, Zoe is just--wow. Zoe is--amazing. She's--so.

Yeah. Come ON. No words here possible. So crushing on her right now. So very much.

So in love with this show. And if it goes off the air after only one season, it WILL break my heart. It really, REALLY will.

Yep, that's about it. My current dental misery is chronicled in the diary, but highly boring.

*happy sigh*
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