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i am a girl, so much
children of dune - leto 1
I am spending an inordinate amount of time on youtube watching period drama vids. Not even like, technically superior ones, either--I am talking, I want to see every single British romance set with corsets and set to the most romantic music on earth. God, I want Evanescence right now.

Actually, I want good BBC Emma 2009 vidness because Johnny Miller, been crushing on him since Hackers, y'know? And God does he do a cravat justice. And knee-breeches. That's not happening so far. Well, there were two cuteish ones? But not like, what I want.

A Period Drama Romance - I know about one third of the source, and also, I think I recognize a lot of these people from Dr. Who. Is this like spot the Canadian actor? I seriously think Persuasion and Mansfield Park are my favorites. Persuasion is just so--and then! I want to melt, trufax. Then Edmund. Running. After Rose Fanny. Just. Gah.

How Six Period Dramas Collide - I like that music remix.

Notes from the edge:

1.) People in British period romance run a lot. Often, after someone else. Sometimes, in the rain. Maybe, crying. If you are lucky, all three at once. I approve.

2.) I like I can tell who is Heathcliff by the most brooding male on the screen. Don't even need to check the list. Except sometimes, I mix him up with Jane Eyre, because let's face it, Heathcliff and Edward really really really were separated at birth, and then one went psychotic. I leave your judgment to decide which is which.

3.) ...I really am picking up a cravat kink. This cannot be healthy.

If you want me to remain sane, you will rec me vids so I can melt quietly into a happy crinoline and knee-breeches puddle for a bit.

...and Star Trek just arrived. You know. I have a bad feeling how Pride and Prejudice could collide with Star Trek. Let's all hope I don't go there.

I just got Star Trek delivered, too. Like, a minute ago. *dances*

Clearly, today is a good day.

OMG Mansfield Park. Have you seen the version with Jonny Lee Miller? It's a little less...faithful to the source material, but I loves it so.

I just watched Emma with Johnny Lee Miller and was converted to the Cult of Knightly. Was he in Mansfield Park too or just Emma? Because um, I need that then. Like now.

Let's all hope I don't go there.

I kind of hope you do. Just because the results would be epic...

By that you mean terrifying. IN A VARIETY OF WAYS.

(Deleted comment)
Dude, that's not fair, b/c now I feel obligated to tell her that Richard Armitage exists with leather pants! And in wet jeans! And all sorts of other combinations!

(Deleted comment)
I understand this compulsion. Someday I am going to write a Trek Regency romance. I just... I can't NOT.

This. It feels right. IT FEELS LIKE IT SHOULD BE.

No running in the rain in corsets, but I do have Gosford Park femmeslash for you.

Edited at 2009-11-18 12:50 am (UTC)

I freaking love period dramas (in fact, I'm writing up a P&P rec right now for a comm!). You have seen the 1996 BBC Pride and Prejudice, right? 5 hours of Colin Firth, including him dripping wet in a very thin white shirt and clingy breeches!! Also Jennifer Ehle is amazing, which is good because she's in 95% of the scenes. (Have you read the bandom P&P by Zarah5 and Softlyforgotten? It's AMAZING. http://community.livejournal.com/word_plays/472.html)

I know of at least two BBC versions of Persuasion, one I liked and one I didn't. The one with Anthony Head (omg Giles as a vain baronet=WIN) wasn't my fave, unfortunately. The director went with this first person POV thing in a few scenes that were just "let's bounce crazily around on the cobblestones to simulate running! yay!". That one was made in 2007. The other one, from 1995, I like the actress who plays Anne much better. And, while he isn't as hot as Colin Firth etc, Captain Wentworth was played by Ciaran Hinds (who according to IMDB was Rochester in a 1997 Jane Eyre, which I must now track down).

Also, I want to watch the new Emma even though I'm not a fan of the book (Herself is just so annoying and pushy!) because yes, Jonny Lee Miller, who I only know from Eli Stone but he was the only reason to watch that show, so.

And thank you for reminding me to pick up a legit copy of Reboot-- I got an "early release" from a shady shop in South Korea a few weeks ago because I couldn't wait until November.

Oh man, the new Emma is awesome. She's kind of hilarious, and holy God, Johnny Lee Miller just--owns Knightly. And they fight all the time and it is freaking adorable.


Is Emma complete? I was able to find it on youtube and started watching it and realized it was at least 4 hours long. So it will have to wait until I have time. Looked great, though.

Does the Hornblower series fit your criteria? Because there are practically no girls - but there IS Ioan Gruffudd, in and out of a cravat.

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(Deleted comment)
Watching "How Six Period Dramas Collide" really makes me want to re-watch BBC Tess of the D'Urbevilles. Even though I loathe Thomas Hardy and his melodrama. Eddie Redmayne was just so dreamy in that... (contented sigh).

Also, I realize that the lack of English accents will be a Big Fucking Problem, but one of my favorite period dramas is the Ken Sullivan Anne of Green Gables. And I think it's all on Youtube.

I loved the Anne series! Well, until they made the newer one which decided to completely ignore the books (they made Anne into Rilla, for crying out loud). I'm totally looking those up on youtube when I get off work.

Johnny Lee Miller *swoon*

I have to second tetsubinatu's Hornblower rec. Ioan Gruffudd *and* Jamie Bamber, with bonus Paul McGann.

Another favorite of mine (set in the same time period as Hornblower) is the Sharpe series with Sean Bean. A bit shorter on cravats than Hornblower, IIRC, but hello there, uniform kink.

I have a bad feeling how Pride and Prejudice could collide with Star Trek. Let's all hope I don't go there.

Ummm, too late?

Please go there. Please, please, please go there. I know someone earlier mentioned Spock as Elizabeth, but wouldn't he be so much better suited to be attractive, constrained Mr. Darcy? Who finds himself bizarrely and reluctantly attracted to the impetuous, free-spirited Kirk-as-Elizabeth?

Oh, indeed. I amend my previous statement! Spock-Darcy and Kirk-Elizabeth would be brilliant! I was just thinking of how much Elizabeth delights in deflating Darcy's ego, much like Spock does with Kirk :D

I have a bad feeling how Pride and Prejudice could collide with Star Trek

I think, hmmm... I think Kirk would enjoy swooning. I can't decide if Spock would catch him or not though.

Cravats need to be brought back, oh yes indeedy. Ties are stupid and silly looking anyway.