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instarec: Lure by transtempts
children of dune - leto 1
The Vampire Diaries fic rec!

Lure by transtempts, in which Bonnie is a witch and Damon is a vampire who might be helpful but God knows really if he means it. It's a wonderful exploration of a carefully navigated relationship between them; Bonnie is awesome and incredibly insightful, Damon is ambiguous and strangely useful, and it could go anywhere at all. Me, I hope it goes somewhere. Canon-compliant up to most recent TVD episode, and highly recommended for the wonderful capturing of Bonnie and Damon as people who aren't friends but might be one day.

Also, pitch-perfect Elena and Bonnie friendship, which is possibly my favorite relationship on the show. Sure there are vampires, but I seriously, seriously love watching them together.

Also, because transtempts was wondering last night and now I am too--anyone have any good recs for M*A*S*H fic that don't make you want to cut your wrists from subject matter or crimes against language?

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anyone have any good recs for M*A*S*H fic that don't make you want to cut your wrists from subject matter or crimes against language?

I honestly don't think such a thing exists. I've been searching for years.

*whimpers* WHY. GOD WHY.

Bless you. I do not think fic needs to read with an alcohol chaser, you know?

(Deleted comment)

Re: Looks at you faux angrily.

ISN'T IT GREAT! And yes, Elena and Bonnie are possibly my real OTP--they're individuals and best friends and just--they are so great together. I mean, if I were Elena and had to choose between Stefan and Bonnie? Yeah, not a contest there.

Damon breathes awesome.

(Deleted comment)
Before, during, after, when you remember it later....

Mmm... that fic made me want to try TVD again. I got as far as ep 3 and then had to stop because the Caroline thing just squicked me hard.

If it's any consolation? The show doesn't gloss over that at all as okay or anything which honestly? Did surprise me.

I really want to skip ahead to ep 6 where you said there is a dancing!vampire, but I'm such a completist that I can't so I've just been letting TVD sit on my hard drive in favor of Eastwick (such crack, so much Paul Gross!). Usually I'm not that affected by stuff like that on tv, but it just really hit me the wrong way, but in the good way that yes, they didn't gloss it over and romanticize it.

There's some fic out there that doesn't require a taser and booze chaser. But... aiii. A lot of the stuff that *does* exist was written by -- very young writers. And a lot of the better stuff is still on the pretentious end.

I can see about digging some stuff up? But. *sigh* I love the fandom, and the mash-slash list did a lot for me as a writer, but... yeah. The pickings are a bit slim. :/

Crap. I remember reading a pretty good fic that crossed M*A*S*H with Buffy (post end of the tv series), but I'm not on the computer that has the link. I hope I saved the link, dammit. Basic premise is that retired Dr. Pierce is the next door neighbor to a house of Slayers.

SDLjfsdDKF:J M*A*S*H/Buffy! I must read this!

@Seperis: The only thing in my delicious (http://delicious.com/betty_fic/mash) is a sort of quietly evocative post series gen, which, er, you are welcome to, and is certainly not going to harm anyone from bad writing, but only scratches a very specific sort of itch.

Shoveling by PaBurke. It's basically a series of drabbles, but I linked to the whole story version.

nostalgia_lj has been on a M*A*S*H kick lately and trying to find decent fic, though her most recent unlocked entries have been about really old-school Who or a wee bit of fic. Try her m*a*s*h well obviously tag, and possibly the watching m*a*s*h forwards omg for discussion of fic in the comments. Or at least for fun discussion of the canon itself.

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