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tis the season to be jolly

Things I Am Not Doing

I do not, per se, resent the UK, so much as Harrods, for having Maxwell, the 2009 Christmas Bear right there, and then charging shipping higher than the price of four bears.

Yes, fine, I am an obsessive Christmas bear person, and I am only ashamed of this when it's not the season of craziness. In scarier news, somehow, it is still more expensive to buy it from ebay. Yes, I did check (in several countries of ebays). I am that kind of a person. svmadelyn promised to find me an appropriate bear in Chicago, but I am just saying, Harrods, why do you hate me? Why?

(He has a friend, Rufus! And a Christmas Westie! A Christmas Westie. Oh my God, that is just cruel.)


Things I Am Doing

Child's and a few of my friends' Christmas presents are about done. All that's left is my parents, Niece One, how we will do my sisters (I think we do a pick-a-person thing amongst us, instead of one each), and my baby niece/nephew. After talking to Mom, she is getting them a bouncy horse, I'll get them the pedal firetruck, and then individually we'll get them some books (or small toys). Since they're so close in age and my sisters trade off the books, we can get a nice range of different ones so they can switch off, which means they'll probably at some point have the entire collection of Dr. Seuss between them.

(Still no idea with Niece One. Books, of course, I am that kind of an aunt, but at eight, that's not something she will appreciate now and I get that. I didn't hit my reading kink until fourth grade, and it didn't take off into a lifestyle choice until fifth, but man, did I appreciate all those years of books waiting for me by that time. Let's say the garage is still mostly books that we cannot make ourselves let go of. Like, ever.)

That means only one large purchase next month, since my parents put strict limits on what we're allowed to buy for them after the year me and my sisters did this thing with appliances and all of us have a habit of buying them vaccuums and computers and software and books and origami and tools and things during the year for no particular reason.

All of us have a shopping addiction, and most of us handle it by buying for other people. I do not say it is healthy; I am saying it is fun. I think the difficulties of our childhood come out in this; we're really, really overkillers in Christmas presents. And for that matter, any presents. It's still very weird for my parents, my sister, and me to really get we are financially stable for all intents and purposes, and that we're not hovering on the line of disaster with every month of our lives. And for me and Middle Sister, it's--I don't know. It's not so much giving the children what we didn't have (my parents were really determined that Christmas was the time of year that budgets did not matter), but passing on that giving to others is an act of joy, and to make some else happy is the best thing you can do. And they all get that, I think. They practice it every day.

Things I Have Done

Trekfic went to beta last night (and all three four betas do not hate me despite the fact I do not think they signed up for what they ended up with). With the exception of the epilogue, which doesn't do more than wrap up, it's complete. I seriously, seriously cannot believe it's done. I also sent my character notes, because it will make them laugh.

....seriously. Five months. But honestly, I didn't know if I'd ever finish. So you know, that's kind of awesome.


Still do not have one, but oddly, today, I do not mind.

ETA: Okay, the thing is, it did not occur to me to just ask someone on my flist. I mean, I even asked two people on AIM if they knew anyone going to London. For reasons beyond my understanding, I didn't think to, you know, check with the native residents. I--blame Trek. I am going with that. *blank* Thank you, syllic and clo.

*facepalm* God. This is Spock's fault, I can feel it.

ETA 2:

And someone sent me a pony. *falls over* My lesson for the day? People here are rather awesome.

ETA 3:

Two links from comments that I really feel need to be shared.

feanna shared this. Just--okay, seriously. Check out the dancing bear. And click on teh cellphone. FURTHER INFORMATION FROM FEANNA: The bear is dancing the Macarena here.

ladyholder shared Clash of the Titans trailer. This looks epic. *glee*
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