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psa: mass shooting at fort hood army base

CNN reports Officials: 12 killed in Fort Hood shootings; suspect alive at approximately 1:30 PM CST. Details are still coming in. (updated 8:20 PM CST)

Official: Fort Hood shooting suspect not dead
By American-statesman staff | Thursday, November 5, 2009, 08:17 PM
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the suspect in the Fort Hood shootings, has not been killed and is in stable condition at a hospital, Lt. Gen. Bob Cone said at a press conference at Fort Hood.

He is in custody at an undisclosed hospital, Cone said.

Three soldiers taken into custody after the shootings were released, he said. Investigators believe Hasan acted alone.

“Evidence does not suggest this was a terrorist event,” Cone said.

The death toll from the attack remains 12 after another victim died, Cone said. - AAS

More on Alleged Shooter
Fort Hood alleged shooter identified. - CNN video

Picture Begins to Emerge of Fort Hood Suspect - CNN

Officials: Shooting suspect discussed suicide bombings, other threats online - AP (AAS)


"At least one soldier opened fire on a military processing center at Fort Hood in Texas on Thursday, killing 12 and wounding 31 others, officials at the Army base said.

The gunman, who officials initially said was killed, is wounded but alive, Lt. Gen. Bob Cone said."

Cone said that man is believed to be the only shooter. " - CNN (updated 8:30 PM CST)

According to CNN, a female police officer was responsible for the injury to the suspect. She was wounded in the line of duty and is recovering. - CNN Live, 8:33 PM CST

"Cone also said that a female officer who was thought to be the first responder shot Hasan and was herself wounded and had undergone surgery at a hospital." - MSNBC (updated 8:52 PM CST)

Ten of the dead are reported to be soldiers and one a civilan police officer who worked as a contractor on base. The gunman is also reported to be a soldier from Fort Hood. - CNN

Two other soldiers initially detained as suspects have been released, but another person of interest is in custody, said Christopher Haug, chief of public affairs at Fort Hood. - CNN, KCEN, Waco affiliate

Cone said that man is believed to be the only shooter. " - CNN (updated 8:58 PM CST)


"[Lt Gen Bob Cone] said all the casualties took place at the base's Soldier Readiness Center, where soldiers who are about to be deployed or who are returning undergo medical screening." - AAS

"The shootings took place inside the Howze Theater and at the Soldiers Readiness Processing Center - which used to be an sports-dome complex.", Map of buildings. - KXAN, a local affiliate of CNN

"Fort Hood, with about 40,000 troops, is home to the Army's 1st Cavalry Division and elements of the 4th Infantry Division, as well as the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 13th Corps Support Command. It is located near Killeen, Texas.


Fort Hood is home to the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program, which is designed to help soldiers overcome combat stress issues." - CNN


"Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple has 10 patients on site, said Dr. Glen Couchman, the associate system chief medical officer. Four are in the operating room and five are being evaluated, he said.


Metroplex Adventist Hospital received seven of the victims, the hospital said in a statement. One was later pronounced dead, and two, one an EMS paramedic, are in surgery, the statement said.

Four have been stabilized, two were transferred to Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple and two have been transferred to Seton in Round Rock, it said.

All were military personnel." - Local Hospitals Treating Victims, AAS

At least four local SWAT officers were among those wounded, NBC affiliate KCEN-TV of Waco reported. Two of the victims remained in surgery late Thursday afternoon at Metroplex Hospital in Killeen. One of them, a woman, is an emergency medical worker the base, the hospital said. - MSNBC

"Scott & White Memorial Hospital has received 10 gunshot victims from Fort Hood. All patients are adults. No other victims are expected to arrive at Scott & White in Temple or at any of Scott & White locations.

Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple is no longer open to the public as we focus our attention upon the victims and their families.

Donations for blood are being accepted at Memorial Hospital on 31st Street in Temple.
All media queries should be sent to 254-724-4097. Concerned family should call 254-724-3562. Hotel accommodations are in the vicinity of the Scott & white Memorial Hospital, including the Hilton Garden Inn.

Donations for blood are no longer required. - Scott and White Hospital Website (updated 7:40 PM CST)

"Seton Medical Center in Round Rock, Texas received two victims, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. A helicopter flew them to the hospital Emergency Director Dr. Brian Aldred said he did not know if the two men were soldiers." - KXAN, a local affiliate of CNN

"Two of the injured were in "very serious" condition, Fort Hood spokesman Christopher Hogue said." - CNN

The names of the victims have not yet been confirmed, but AAS reports the following: "Lisa Pfund of Random Lake, Wis., says her daughter, 19-year-old Amber Bahr, was shot in the stomach but was in stable condition. "We know nothing, just that she was shot in the belly," Pfund told The Associated Press. She couldn't provide more details and only spoke with emergency personnel."

"Cone also said that a female officer who was thought to be the first responder shot Hasan and was herself wounded and had undergone surgery at a hospital." - MSNBC (updated 8:52 PM CST)

"Among the wounded was Pfc. Keara Bono, 21, of Independence, Mo., who was shot in the shoulder. She called her mother, Peggy McCarty, to let her know she would be OK." - MSNBC - (updated 9:07 PM CST)


Local - KXAN, KCEN, Austin American Statesman, Scott and White Hospital Website

General - CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Fox News

The following was posted to the Scott and White Website:

Donations for blood are no longer required. - Scott and White Hospital (updated 7:40 PM CST)

Urgent Need for Blood Donations

We are in URGENT need of ALL blood types.

Please come to Scott & White Blood Donor Center and donate blood as soon as possible, we are located in Room 115 next to the McLane Dining Room in the main hospital. We are open today until 10 p.m. and will open at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Location of Scott and White Blood Center.

Determine your eligibility to donate.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy.


5:44 PM CST - Removed name of alleged shooter until official confirmation, added detail on location. Added hospital.
5:50 PM CST - One victim named by family.
5:56 PM CST - Added victim identity and source for AP identity claims.
6:01 PM CST - Added information regarding Fort Hood Army Base.
6:07 PM CST - Added more information on location of shootings and source KXAN, local affiliate of CNN.
6:15 PM CST - Added second potential hospital.
6:20 PM CST - Added change in number of suspects and added plea from S&W Hospital for blood donation.
6:51 PM CST - Added third hospital.
7:01 PM CST - Victim information added, reorganized information.
7:15 PM CST - Added KCEN. Updated number of victims.
8:13 PM CST - Updated information for Scott and White Memorial Hospital.
8:24 PM CST - AAS reports alleged shooter not dead, updates added.
8:38 PM CST - Updated information on alleged shooter.
8:46 PM CST - Updated infromation on alleged shooter, redux.
8:53 PM CST - Updated information on female officer.
8:58 PM CST - Updated with that alleged shooter allegedly acted alone.
9:09 PM CST - Updated victim information.
9:15 PM CST - Last update.
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