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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this could explain the neanderthals
children of dune - leto 1
Someone has to tell me what the evolutionary benefit of insomnia is. What did keeping your hunter-gatherers in a state of fogged exhaustion achieve? Psychosis? Loss of dignity? Surfing accidentaldong.com and realize you find this shit hilarious?

This cannot, cannot end well.

I have been wearing my new glasses since Saturday and I am very much not used to all this seeing clearly business. And what am I doing with it? Looking at random occurrences of penis-shaped objects.

I wonder if it's unfortunate or not that my son is selling chocolate for school and look at that, the box is rather close. *mulls*

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that is a hysterical web site. i love the internet.

God, it is. *still going back through the posts and sniggering*

me too XD it is going in my bookmarks folder next to (somewhat more NSFW) Way To Suck That Dick.

...wow I just typoed dick as duck. That could have been awkward.

Surfing accidentaldong.com and realize you find this shit hilarious?
I even made a DW-feed. *shame*

i want to post it on facebook but i have indian aunties friended and that would not end well

oh my god that's goddamn hilarious *snickers*

Here's an article on the historical nature of segmented sleep. It's terribly formatted, but I'm still happy that the form of Googling known as "some random words I remember from that NPR article my mother told me about four years ago" worked. Upshot: in the absence of artificial light, most people go to sleep for a couple of hours as soon as it gets dark, wake up and wander around for an hour or two in the middle of the night, and then go back to sleep until morning. According to the NPR thing I barely remember, in Shakespeare's time it was taken for granted that everyone would be awake at 1 a.m. and the pubs would reopen so that you'd have enough time to go get another before you went back to sleep around 2.

my theory is that this kind of sleep pattern also makes it a LOT easier to deal with young babies, because your sleep pattern looks more like theirs. If I were sleeping in that pattern now, my 4 month old and I would go to sleep and wake up at the same times.

Combine this with how insanely practical an afternoon nap is in hot climates pre-air conditioning (seriously, moving around much in afternoon in summer can be actually physically dangerous) and you've got an evolutionary rational, kind of?

See, that shit happens to me all the time, and I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't that the first part of my sleep is happening when I pass out on my bed fully dressed with the lights on (and possibly the TV still going as well). I can handle interrupted sleep, but I'd like to actually sleep instead of just dozing and periodically noticing that it's two hours later and I should really get myself moving long enough to put myself properly to bed...

Well, as they didn't have much other entertainment to distract themselves, maybe the pre-historic insomniacs had more sex than their soundly sleeping brethren, in hope to fall asleep in post-coital slumber.

oh man, sometimes the best word to describe reality as evidenced by websites like these is "unfortunate."

I feel your pain. *blearily reaches for another cup of coffee*

Ah, new glasses. Mine are not only old enough that I've reached the stage of continually pushing them closer to my face trying to improve the focus, but also warped from one of those nights where I dozed off my bed while holding them in my hand and then rolled over onto them. (Which becomes blatantly obvious when I've just taken my contacts out and my eyes are having to readjust.) I'm thinking my next tax refund needs to be earmarked for an eye exam and glasses. And I'm curious to see if that'll lead to me being able to actually detect any difference at all between the HD and the regular channels that Mom swears is blatant and obvious and that I currently just can't see.

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