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someday, sleep will be mine in a place where I don't drool on my desk

There are many reasons I refer to my sister's son's father as Future Serial Killer, because he's just that disturbing. At four this morning, he continued his adventures in Calling Obsessively For Hours Until I Try to Give Him Hives With My Mind.

So I've been awake since the ninth call, circa 4:30, and I totes tried to sleep and gave up at five-thirty. However, I entertained myself with various things and also decided I will not destroy worlds, because that would be wrong.

Instead, other things.

The Vampire Diaries - Damon Wants You to Watch

Okay, it is rare that a show manages to be better than the books, but strangely enough, they are. I read the first four when I was eighteen (and more's the pity that she added to the series after that) and so far I'm grooving the changes (especially Vicky, since her fate seriously sucked and let me tell you, this? Improvement). If you can make it through the first three eps, the fourth starts picking it up, and the sixth is awesome not least of which because Damon dances on the side of a balcony to "Enjoy the Silence" and frankly he's ungodly hot. I mean, don't even watch the show. Just watch episode six for the dancing. I'll send it to you.

Bonnie is seriously awesome - SHE LIGHTS FIRES WITH HER MIND. I really want her to be my BFF so I can help her find things to start on fire. I'm that kind of awesome friend.

I'm still thinking how I can write to the SV producers and show them Elena as an example of how to do a character with a tragic past right. There really isn't a character I don't like on this show. Well, Caroline, but you're not supposed to like her, and there's this pity thing going on? Anyway.

The Vampire Diaries! Yay! svmadelyn and I spent part of one night mapping out the plot arc this season, since they seem to be keeping certain elements from the books, please let them keep this element, please.

Anyway, for those who are interested:

salvatoreslash - for all your Damon/Stefan incest needs. Did I mention they are both ungodly hot, Stefan is angsty, and Damon is amoral, fashion conscious, and bites people a lot?

tvdnewsletter - for all your The Vampire Diaries newsletter needs!

I don't want to say you should write this fandom so I have more fic to entertain me. But that's kind of my motivation here.


So I added another four thousand words to Trek fic, and it's now--well, longer. I mean, I can see the end! But by the time I finish this no one will care, which is actually kind of motivating. That means I can skip spellcheck! Which hates me. Really.

Last check, my WIP list in Merlin, Star Trek, The Vampire Diaries, Due South, and Heroes is not getting shorter. There's a fair to good chance they will rise up and kill me in my sleep. I'm weirdly okay with that; it means I would get to sleep. And not be reorganizing my computer by the light of the stars.

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I'm trying to figure out how to fall asleep under my desk without anyone noticing.
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