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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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yes, it's one of those tuesdays
children of dune - leto 1
I have just realized my vague sense of homicide toward my fellow man (and potentially sentient beings) could be immensely improved by the application of one large sausage, mushroom, onion, broccoli and pineapple pizza. And if you do not think the awesome is strong in that combination, you need to eat more green things, as the potential is through the roof. And may possibly be my favorite order from Mangia.

Indulge my curiosity while I slowly talk myself down from a Hallmark moment involving a rifle I'll lovingly name "Killer" and a roof*; what's your favorite pizza?

* My job is testing my sweet and yielding nature. I have True Blood on my phone running just above my keyboard so I can feel racy. I have been watching way too much non-premium; I forgot the premiums also are soft core porn. Thank you, HBO. That was a very nice surprise.

Tomato, onion and bacon. Sometimes I add black olives...depends on the mood. Yum.

Ooh, that sounds delicious. Especially sprinkling with olives.


Black olives, pineapple, and Canadian bacon, almost no sauce. But now I'm really tempted to try a pizza with broccoli.

*diiies* How did I forget the awesome of olives. I also like less sauce, or conversely, additional cheese.

Broccoli was shockingly good. I was wary, until I had it. I have this insane urge to have a "Most Awesome Vegetable on Pizza" contest one day now, as I did not see that broccoli thing coming.

Tomatoes, onions, spinach, artichokes, garlic, and canadian bacon. I love Austin's Pizza.

True Blood! \o/

Pepper (the vegetable *g*), onion, ham, extra cheese right on the top.

Mmmm. I need some of that now.

for ordering, there are a few I like!

The current place that delivers to us has a KILLER Hawaiian -- bacon, ham, & pineapple -- and a really good signature pie of sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, olives, onion, banana pepper...I think something else, too. Whatever, it's delicious.

At my old apartment, there was a pizza shop around the corner run by a couple of Lebanese guys who had a rather flexible view of what could go on a pizza. They came up with the most fantastic combinations, and I still miss their pizzas. Their signature pie is olive paste, tomatoes, mushrooms, red roasted pepper, feta cheese, provolone, mozzarella cheese. It's unbelievably good.

For homemade, the best one is, bar none, red onion, capicola, and gorgonzola. We tried a bbq brisket homemade pizza the other month, and it was delicious too, but red onion/cap/bleu is just the best ever. I make the crust for it on the thin side.

...I really want all of those right now. Dammit. Especially the olive paste/mushroom/et al. That just sounds amazing.

(Deleted comment)
I totally forgot until surprise!bondage. That was kind of hilarious.

I don't actually eat pizza, so I'm just gonna curl up in your lap, k?

I just wrote up an email to the boy upon the advent of 2 weeks since he dumped me, and it was... sort of ow but maybe a little cathartic too? I dunno that I'll do anything with it, but you know. Letter-writing. Muy passive-aggressive.


I like my pizzas with sliced tomatoes but not tomato sauce.

Best ever is a thin crisp crust with a cream-based alfredo-like sauce and an even layer of all available veggies, sliced thin. Raw tomato cooks enough to soften, but not melt, sliced zucchini crisps at the edges and goes soft in the middle, and cauliflower essentially roasts. Then a sprinkle of cheese and salt and pepper. But the crust has to be cracker thin.

For a standard crust, sliced grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, onions and olives, which may be a Texas thing but is really quite good.

Wow, reading this was a mistake. I'm home with a sick kid, and since I'm on email, no one will know if I've got yeast proofing in the kitchen. Hmmmmmm..... I'd have to make a grocery run for half the ingredients, though.

I really want to hateyou right now. You're making pizza.

I'm boring with pizza choices.

Pizza - sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms or else a white pizza with tomatoes and spinach and extra garlic.

Both of those sound perfect.

I really wnat delivery right now.

My favorite from around here has sun dried tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic and red bell peppers (with liberal dose of crushed hot red pepper flakes on top).

I really need to try artichoke hearts now. Mmm. Pepper.

Anchovies, fresh whole leaf basil, kalamata olives and slivered almonds. Best thing eveh!
I spent all of the weekend before last hiding in my apartment watching sniper movies. I have a great list if you want it.

Ooh, that sounds good!

And to both. I love movies with long range weapons.

Extra cheese, peppers, pineapple. The pineapple adds the sweetness, the peppers add the fire, and the extra cheese is satisfyingly gooey. And now I want pizza.

There's a place around here that does an awesome white pizza--three cheeses, artichokes, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, no sauce, roasted garlic, and something else I'm forgetting. mmmmm.

[hands you a water pistol] There you are--go nuts! :)

I really need pizza now so much. *whimpers*

Oh, yes, we are totally like that

I'm from New York, where there are certain pizza toppings that are permitted and everything else gets you summarily deported to Newark. Or Cleveland. With a subcutaneous microchip implanted that will make it physically impossible for you to re-cross the Hudson.

Pineapple, bacon, ham, anything green that isn't an olive or a pepper (broccoli goes in calzones and knishes, not on pizza)... these are all on the verboten list. If we want Thai chicken or jambalaya or any other entree, we do not go to a pizzeria.

That being recognized, I am all for pizza with the works -- sausage, pepperoni, peppers, olives, mushrooms, anchovies. Preferably in a coal-fired or wood-fired oven so it's thin and crisp on the bottom with a little char. And a large pie cut in eighths, not sixteenths -- I learned how to fold my pizza before I learned to read.

Re: Oh, yes, we are totally like that

Oh man, that sounds like svmadelyn.

Preferably in a coal-fired or wood-fired oven so it's thin and crisp on the bottom with a little char. And a large pie cut in eighths, not sixteenths -- I learned how to fold my pizza before I learned to read.

*grins* I am totes not surprised you're highly competent at like, half of everything. And now I seriously, seriously want pizza.

Broccoli is the food of the devil. I cannot get behind this.

Everything else? Sounds yummmy.

My fave? White pizza. garlic, cheese, red pepper. Yum.


Any green vegetable! I am tempted to experiment with squash.

i love a sicilian with just cheese, onions, and extra sauce about two minutes out of the oven so the cheese doesn't get lost while trying to snag a slice.

also, if you like the soft core porn I have to suggest this train-wreck of a delight; nip/tuck on FX. lots of sexing going on there.

I was just--totes startled. I forgot HBO sex content. And you know, it was surprise!bondage. So there was a moment of blankness.