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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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unbearably excited!
children of dune - leto 1
The Replacement Bears arrived!

Crazy bear lady. We just all need to accept it now. And also, my camera on my phone sucks.

New Christmas Bears!
New Christmas Bears!
From left to right: Amazon Christmas Bear, Godiva Christmas Bear, Gund Storytelling Christmas Bear. First and third delivered from Amazon today.

The only thing I regret is that teh storytelling bear comes without a hat. I really wanted that hat. But apparently, ti's a separate accessory. Really.

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[snuggles bears]

[gets fresh with bears]

[is beaten by Seperis]

Very cute! I love that middle one the best, it's utterly adorable. But they're all super-cute!

Thank you!

(THe middle one came wiht godiva chocolate. He is a favorite.)

(Deleted comment)
But there was a hat in the picture. *frowns* That's fraudulent advertising.

I agree. I think you should complain.

...there are like, several bear models? *uncertain* It is confusing.

my camera on my phone sucks.

i thought you photoshopped the *warm* *fuzzies* into the pic on purpose.. ♥

*grins* I wish I'd thought of that now!

they made it!!!! *is relieved!*

They are all repacked until Thanksgiving in a very safe box. Which I may have like, right by my bed. *sad for self* And open. And it's likely they aren't in the box so much as on my bed?

They needed comfort.

Oh my, they are so, so sweet!

Bears! *squishes them* Yep, they pass the adorable squishy test!

But...there are TWO DIFFERENT bears pictured in the Amazon link! One of them has the hat, and is all brown...the other has the sweater, and a white face and paws. Apparently you got bear #2. But how are you supposed to know which one is correct??

See now, this link http://www.baby-memory-books.com/Gund_Baby_Storytime_Bear_p/gb-88754.htm actually describes the bear with the hat! And the mouse on the shoulder!

Dammit, now I want a bear.

There are apparently three versions of the storytelling bear. It's--strange.

did LJ eat my comment?

In the background, what is it, leaning on something, waiting for a spanking?? Is that the special Christmas Spanking Bear?

*grins* My niece. All the kids really like leaning over stuff for no particular reason and then falling asleep.

You should make him a hat!

Stephen Colbert fears your posse despite The Cute!

Cute! I once made Beary Potter bears to give out at a fandom meet-up. I think I must have made 50 of them.

I want to snuggle them so badly....

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