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Happiness is....

An ultra busy day at work, coming home feeling weirdly uninspired, and present from Bethy waiting for me!

People, you have NO idea what kind of skill my girl has. Gorgeous, gorgeous bracelets and earrings and I was all giggly and way too girly. So pretty.

*hugs girlinthetrilby. You rock, darling, so much. *hugs more* They're absolutely gorgeous, and thank you so much for sending them! Just wonderful.

Second, LJ fairy stopped by, and thank you to whoever bought me more time in LJ! That was so cool. Thank you. *hugs*

Third--I've had a bad few weeks, what with all this feeling of my life's calling at my job and seriously wondering if I was up to it, amongst really boring, boring, boring personal things, but the other day, it became perfectly clear that this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and that apparently, I am capable of doing it, at least adequately. I can't break confidentiality in open LJ, but it was cool, and it was inspiring, and it was--at the time, I didn't know I needed to know, that I needed confirmation, but now that I do, everything, even the bad stuff and the stuff that makes me crazy, is worth it. Absolutely will be worth it, even the next time I start getting frustrated. I'll remember that day, and that will be enough.

Still working on redesigning the resource booklet we give clients. I really had no idea how many groups and organizations spend so much time helping people out with things, and I still need to start tracking down more stuff. It's really amazing-- I had an ex who was president of a service frat and worked with Habitat for Humanity, amongst God knows how many other things in that vein, but this is probably the first time I really have been absorbing all that he did and probably still does.

Saw giant Amazonian leeches on TV. Wow. And gross. But it has that fascination that you can't quite look away from.

And did you know roaches can live two weeks without their heads?

Things That Continue to Annoy Me

Stupid sutures. It's just gross. It's not enough with the blood seeping and the constant low-level metal taste that chases everything I eat, it's teh fact it feels like I have dental floss stuck in my teeth and it freaks me out. The pain from the process isn't bad, but the areas around the sutures hurt like hell. Plus, the Vicodin is making me itch. Apparently, I do have some kind of reaction if I take it too long. Stupid stupid drugs. Gar. Must. Stop. Scratching.

More QaF Recs

I added a rec page to my website for QaF, if for no other reason than so I can find these stories myself later. As I tend to lose them distressingly often. Stupid short term memory.

Simon, an author who charms me with her humor.

A few favorites.

The first three go together, sort of. I think I have them in the right order, but I read them out of order and it didnt' destroy my life or anything. Hugely funny.

Company Picnic

The Office

Fourth of July

House Guests. Not part of the above, I think. Not humor. I liked the quiet in it.

Other Things

Had a weird thing happen at work--I've always gotten dizzy when I get up too fast or stuff like that, oh yippee low blood pressure, but this time, I literally zoned out in the middle fo typing and couldn't focus enough to remember what i was actually doing, which is possibly one of the most bizarre moments of my life. The client was standing htere, asking me a question, and I could not figure out what he was saying. It felt like being exhausted-sleepy, but not quite--even at my most tired, I've never, ever lost the ability to think or forgot what I was doing. I made an excuse and put my head between my knees for a second to see if it would pass and hit my head when it happened again, and again, took me some time to reorient myself.

I don't take off my jewelry often (two rings, that's it), unless my nickel-thing makes me break out. I always forget to put it back on. But I got up the other morning and noticed it was all on the desk, and I could not remember taking it off, or why I would do such a thing for that matter. There's also a possiblity I don't remember actually goign to bed, though I can't be sure I'm not just imagining that bit and actually just went to bed like normal and simply don't remember because it WAS normal.

But that was strange. Part of it is probably the antibiotics and the vicodin, and since nothing else seems out of whack, I'm not terribly worried. I'm guessing, vaguely, that it was probably the painkiller and since the itching's gotten worse, I'll just use some heavy duty advil until the swelling goes down. Not as good, but it keeps me from wanting to CHEW those fucking sutures out.

Huh. I didn't mean to go on as long as this. A little over twenty-four hours until beach time with my family, my sister's fiancee, my other sister's boyfriend, and far too many people under the age of seven.

Why DID I agree to go again?

This totally can't turn out well.
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