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The Bears

Bears are still MIA. Current theory (supported by svmadelyn) is that they are drug mules in Central America. This is a message to them:

All is forgiven if you come home! There are treatment centers! I'll love you anyway!

After talking to UPS and Amazon, replacement bears are being shipped and are supposed to be here on Monday. Unless they too are tempted by a life way south of the border.


To use up the rest of my medical savings, since I lose if I do not use, I went and bought glasses today. I also went to Macy's to acquire a Christmas bear (yes, another one), and was told, I kid you not, that they are not doing those anymore. They are doing a Christmas Mickey Mouse.

To which I say, bullshit. Give me my fucking bear.

So while staring hopelessly at the Christmas display, I found the Gund Godiva bears. I want to say I didn't buy it in a fit of pique, but that's a lie, and the chocolate was delicious. The Dillards bear is still out there and I'm staring at Vermont Teddy Bear Company because yes, they are expensive, but I want. I mean, the Jack Frost bear? I want that. I am thinking about the potential of selling plasma. I just don't know how to explain to put "I really need this special Teddy Bear" in a way that doesn't sound insane.

I have a goal. Some people become crazy cat ladies. I'm going to be the crazy bear lady who is found dead at one hundred and three in her apartment surrounded by the cold inanimate eyes of a plethera of bears. If you don't see it, you're not trying.

Sookie Stackhouse books arrived! Amazon had the boxed set of eight on sale, so I grabbed them all. Half way through the second ond and these are awesome. Someone promise me this does not go the way of Anita Blake, because I really like Sookie.

Also three ornaments arrived on Thursday, so yeah, crazy bear lady and crazy Christmas ornament lady. I know. I also have a growing Christmas village. Just do not judge mmkay? At least until it's too large to fit into a single room. I'm not there yet. But yeah, that's my eventual goal.

Right. Bears! My bears on Monday!
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