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Halloween Prep: Compiled Fear in One Easy Entry
children of dune - leto 1
Linkies, because I feel if I have to be scared, it should be shared.

sf_drama's latest OTT on scary shit that's scary, complete with links, youtubes, and pictures. Obviously, I'm not reading a lot of this until I am safely in my cubicle with artifical lights glaring down at me, but you know, go for it!

SFD's creepypasta tag for added creepy.

Recs: Fiction tag I use for hypertext stories, etc, but hey, in honor of Halloween, I'll relink what makes me not sleep, eh?

Hypertext Fiction

Ted's Caving Page
Dionaea House (all links to this hypertext in my entry here.)
Indian Lake Project

Fiction (Multi-Player, also RP)

SCP Foundation - okay, I rec this a lot, because this is seriously cracky fun, and can be done in bites instead of single-sitting. It's a lot of creepy but it's also a lot of neat, especially if you know your urban legends and your fairy tales and you recognize what they're describing before there's a name. They pull from several cultures of monsters and beings, but the really fucked-up stuff is honestly the goddamn artifacts. It makes you really stare at your breakfast cereal.

Keep in mind that the individual SCPs also sometimes have attached fiction, experiment logs, and some of the personnel have logs too, which can make it just that more fun, since there's a lot of overlap in some and some stories can be told entirely by piecing several SCP reports together. Which I did have a color-coded chart for SCP-808's thing, why do you ask?

Fiction (Multiple Author, etc) and Other

Creepypasta - the center of the bite size terror thing. They're hit or miss for a lot of people, but trust me when I say, the ones that seem dumbest on first read put at least three people under the table in terror. Collectively they hit a range of terror.

Candle Cove - related to Creepypasta, but a thing all by its lonesome. It's in essence a very neat crossover of creepypasta and ichorfalls people (apparently from person on /x/ who loved the original story and expanded to combine the original textual with the media).

Ichor Falls - sort of new to me. Origin of Candle Cove text version, but there's other stuff there as well.

The Bad, Scary Place - it was recced on sfd, thread link here. I am checking it tomorrow.


SFPA Halloween Reading - from ranalore - horror poetry! Updating through Halloween.

Podfic (audio)

Pseudopod - from prairiedaun - audio horor stories! Well, this will help me sleep at night.

Wormwood - from lydiabell - audio horror yay!


Bluebird by basingstoke - recced by carnadosa - Torchwood/Addams Family crossover

The Chainsaw Job by annerbhp - recced by lurkerlynne - Leverage and zombies!

Teeth - recced by carnadosa - Harry Potter

X-Manson by D Benway. I read this parallel with fyrdrakken way back when we were both in X-Men, and I don't think either of us slept that night.

Due South Rec List of Zombie Stories - from akamine_chan - Zombies! Actually, I know there are some themed rec lists for zombies, vampires, et al. Hmm.


Also, the Scary Clown - recced by carnadosa - Vid

The Girl or the Weapon by kiki_miserychic - recced by carnadosa - Firefly

Wanna Buy a Ghost - recced by carnadosa


Purgatorium - from carnadosa - point and click game

Anything anyone wants to add in honor of Halloween? I'll add links here. If you have a favorite terrifying fanfic, please link up! I'll keep compiling through Halloween if I get any responses.

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OMG Thank you so much for this post. I love the lj Halloween scare posts!!!

*bounces* I hope I get some new links to add. So as to scare myself silly in more places!


Some of the best audio horror stories. Again, some of them are hit or miss especially depending on personal sensibilities, but they cover a good range. (Plus, it lets me listen to the stories while knitting- something that reading doesn't allow for me.)

augh, augh, augh

I've started reading the caving page thing and I'm getting really freaked out, but I need to know the ending or else anything I imagine will be scarier: could you (or someone else) email me a synopsis? (coriedaun at yahoo dot ca)

I'm sorry, this feels like kind of a shitty thing to ask for, but I'm getting kind of freaked out. Why do I do this to myself?

Um, I think they all acted wierd and went back adn then they were enver heard from again? I'll check tomororw--I totes cannot read it at night. *g*

Okay, okay. I'm going to think of nice, happy, fluffy thoughts.

I need some non-scary links now. *refreshes flist liek woah*

*G* that one gets to my claustrophobia hugely.

Try SCP! It has some scary stuff, but it's also super cool in that mad-scientist way. I keep thinking Lex Luthor's Level 3 has files like this for the mutants or something.

The idea of caves fascinates me (it's one of my favourite episodes of the Planet Earth documentaries) but I am so friggin' scared of textual recounting of claustrophobic situations, idk why.

Also, I have the worst self-preservations skills when it comes to it too: I read House of Leaves and scared myself shitless, then did a project for my communication linguistics/discourse analysis class which was pretty much "why was this so effective at scaring me shitless?"


(Deleted comment)
I think all of WR (or WRBeta?) was reading that damn thing. I want to say musesfool was the reason we all found it. DAMN HER. I go back to re-read every year or so for the shock factor.

Goddamn pate.

I only read the last part of X-Mansion and it still scared me too much to sleep that night (it might have dented my Cable/Deadpool love for a couple days too).

This is the walkthrough page for a fantastic, short, point and click game called Purgatorium. It should be simple enough to get through without it, but I think it depends on how many point and click escape games you play.

Ooh, I'll add that!

I remember the pate thing so much. On re-read, I wince at every mention.

but seriously, fi you ever get a chacne, start at the beginning. There's some *serioulsy* fantastic stuff early on.

The kind of creepy I can handle, creepylite

I would, but I don't have the balls for that kind of concentrated mind fuck/horror. I basically spent 20 minutes skimming part five and was literally sick to my stomach for hours. OMG, the thrones. *bites knuckles* the midden heaps, when they kept talking about the smell...crap, where's my safety tab? Plus, I don't want scary Cable to be my head canon.

(The Ring still freaks me out, I can't listen to the radio because of White Noise and my mirror thing was not helped by that one time my aunt saw death in the mirror the night my great grandmother died in their house.)

Other less horrifying but still creepy fanish content
Bluebird Torchwood/Addams Family crossover

the girl or the weapon? Fanvid, Firefly.

Teeth HP

Also, The Scary Clown One. Video.

Not actually creepy, though there is character death. Wanna Buy a Ghost? Vid

Wormwood! It's a mystery/horror podcast.


I keep hoping someone else has listened to it, because I want to request it for Yuletide. :D

Adding! And staring at it in fear.

Want to throw some poetry in the mix? SFPA Halloween Reading. More horror poems will be added throughout the month.

I have a rec list of mostly due South zombie stories, with a few c6d ones thrown in for good measure, plus a couple of additional recs in the comments...

Also, while I was at work I remembered a few other scary stories:

Call of the Weird by spuffyduds, a dS x Kingdom of the Spiders fusion.

In the Sewers He Lies Dreaming, also by spuffyduds. due South, Lovecraftian-style.

And finally, custardpringle's masterfully creepy The Fraser Record (Exerpts) and the sequel Exploration n, which is an amazing fusion of due South and House of Leaves.

*hides under the covers with all the lights on*

For something to quell the shivers and warm up the heart, I give you a Leverage zombie fic. ::goes to check out dS recs::

[info - personal] green_grrl has a dS 'tropes' rec list, some of which are theme-ish here.

"Toys" a Saiyuki fic about Dr. Nii and his bunny. You, uh, might need to know the series for this.

"Owl Eyes" an SGA fic about John and a Wraith-like thing. Reminds me of Alien.

"Tales of Origin and Apocalypse" a Supernatural fic about Dean in Hell. If you have a thing about teeth, like I do, then you might want to skip this.

And there goes me sleeping for a while! :P Thanks for the recs!

Have only just noticed your fic recs in this entry, because that fell into the black hole where I was too far behind on my friends list to follow recs and I'm only seeing this now because I'm looking for your entry about people on the crazy train falling off it when something normal happens to disturb their zen, but. Anyway.

Pretty sure I slept just fine after reading X-Mansion. I can't watch horror, but it's been a very long time since anything I read kept me up late at night. (With the important exception of an egregious case of Someone on the Internet Being Wrong, back in the days before I learned that the only way to get sleep would be to get my reaction down into text and out of my head. Not the same thing.)

ETA: Very glad you re-recced "Bluebird," though, because as noted I didn't even notice the fanfic links from this post and that was just a fantastic story.

Edited at 2009-12-08 05:17 pm (UTC)

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