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i do not pretend I have an attention span today

Okay, in my defense, I was literally mostly asleep during work today and so while I read "OBAMA WINS NOBEL" it didn't really penetrate at all until I dragged myself home, despite teh fact I read all of CNN (I don't remember it. I dont actually remmber most of the day. Yes, I am literal I was mostly asleep). Seriously, somehow--I do not know how--I had a vague "Huh" and then wandered off.

So it was at five o'clock when I got home that I was vaguely staring at the TV and said "Holy shit, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?" Which ended with my family looking at me with patience.

I have two thoughts on this after reading--and you know, having read the guidelines for the Nobel, since Stargate Atlantis fandom really encourages you to research awards Rodney really believes he should get (if you were ever in SGA, you know this. That's why all of us came out of there with math related PTSD and have at least two websites talking about unsolvable math problems. And some of us may have modeled a certain graphing one with toothpicks and multiple colors of pens).

My first, completely irreverent and inappropriate thought, was "Holy shit, they gave a peace prize because they were just that shocked that an American president was getting along with others." Which you know, is true. It's like when the school bully abruptly helps someone pick up their books after years of knocking them out of their arms--you want to encourage this. And you know what? Totes legitimate. He might also be getting it for not starting a new war, since you know, last eight years? We've had a habit of starting those.

So if you think of it as a way for the international community to say "We are totes amazed that Americans are not starting new wars and don't look like that, remember the last eight years?" Well. I see it.

Two, theory has never been excluded from the Nobels. And I agree, his work up until now has been good, though not spectacular, and his speeches are amazing, but a part of me thinks it's also something much more instinctive. I mock theory being used in the place of practicality a lot, but there's this; it's not that he's saying anything new. It's that he's saying it and believes it and making others believe it too. And that he makes us believe we can make theory and hope into practical action. Nobels award theory; they also award effort.

Okay, and fine--anything that makes the conservatives lose their shit and drag out "antichrist" without irony works for me. My dad is a superconservative. When he winces at the rhetoric? That's like the gold standard of conservatives doing it very wrong. Though to this day, I cannot see how anyone reads Left Behind as a totes true history of the future.

In other words--I'm happy about this. I mean, I'm ecstatic about this. And also, I'm giggling inappropriately at what must have happened when the White House found out. If it wasn't at least ten minutes of "You're fucking with me" interspersed with "Seriously, who put you up to this?" I will be shocked. Most people just don't wake up, get their coffee, and find out they've won a Nobel.
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