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in search of a webhost
children of dune - leto 1
So while my mom is semi-retired, she's had the leisure to learn how to use GuildWar Forums (it was a learning experience for us both; I've never been a regular user of forums, so yeah. Wow.). Most pressing was image hosting, which we used imageshack for, but I decided that she might enjoy having her own domain for image and file hosting and maybe make a website.

...look, she's retired, and she has time on her hands until she goes back to work in December. She'll enjoy having something to putter with. My son can also use it for computer class for simple webpages as well, which he is supposed to do. So I haven't gone webhost shopping in a while--any recommendations that are fairly simple to set up and use cpanel for the interface?

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I've been using 1 & 1 internet hosting for years. They are reasonably priced and consistently online. I can only remember once that there was downtime that affected my sites and they warned us in advance. If you have any other questions, I'd be glad to try and answer them.

I highly recommend tigertech.net for hosting. They just raised their hosting rate to OMG! $7.95/month, unlimited bandwidth, and people who answer your questions very quickly--and they answer the questions, not just repeat back scripts. I have never, ever had downtime with them.

I've been with Hostgator for the past few years - they've been good with solid uptime statistics (and the problems I have running a large site probably won't apply to simple web hosting =).

Use cpanel, run apache servers.

I use and like surpasshosting? :)

I have two recommendations:


Both are solid with excellent customer service and reasonable prices. You can't go wrong with either of them. Oh and I believe both of them are women owned. I know for sure Glenfinnan. Good luck.

Lunarpages.com is excellent. I've been using them for business for a couple of years now. Nearly zero down time (15 minutes in 2 years, because of a DOS attack), lots of happy, free benefits/software downloads.

I use hostgator, uses cpanel, very cheap and reliable.

I use www.nearlyfreespeech.net

They don't have cPanel; but in fact, I find their panel much simpler. Plus, unlike hostgator and whatnot, where you have to pay a fixed fee for UNLIMITEDSPACEOMG which is pointless for a private website, you only pay for the space/traffic you actually use.

I use 2mhost.com -- cpanel and cheap and reliable. I've been using them for... five years? I think. the packages are customizable and the support is amazing.

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