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tuesdays aren't bad days, per se


Niece #2 and Nephew, having reached the Age of Walking, are intent upon figuring out what adults do when not in their immediate line of sight. This has been going on for a while, granted, but today was the first time that I was faced with two pair of curious eyes whilst involved in toilet-related activities.

I have performance anxiety in situations like this one, which didn't help, and I couldn't herd them out (obviously I can't just get up), and they acquire miraculous powers of deafness when they choose and also try to pretend they don't understand the spoken language. They stood there for a while. It was a very long bathroom break. I know that some people might say they had no idea what they ere doing; those people are liars. This is retaliation for being diapered, I swear.

They're both adorable, but this reminds me why my womb will henceforth remain vacant. Growing up, the bathroom was a place of refuge, as it had a lock and a large supply of books. Don't look at me like that--with two sisters, two parents, and a constant stream of visitors when growing up, I adjusted to the lack of privacy in the most practical way possible. To wit: the bathroom? Had a lock.

Everything Else

Work is better? Maybe? We're scripting at work, which is easy, but it's work and I like having work to do. I also am working with the analysts on analyzing specific tests, which is new? But I don't know what that means yet. Maybe I need to look into new jobs. I finished writing up fifteen scripts today they were so simple. *hands* I need a challenge. Failing that, a new group of websites to read.

In other news, I started a fic where Bacchus shows up in Camelot (Why not? Roman God, formerly Roman land? I like it.) and I--don't know where its going. Mostly because I have to be honest here, it's Bacchus. Surprisingly, you can do a lot more than orgies, and I have some faint idea that the Roman gods are pissy with how the balance of magic got all out of whack when Arthur's birth was arranged. It's very--something. *hands* I think I was overly influenced by Ivy's (I think?) Edmund/Bacchus Narnia fic, but it's also one of those things where I thought "Is this a good idea?" and for the life of me, I don't know. So I have to write it out to see what it wants to be.

Eventually anyway. Bacchus. Of all the things to take over my fic writing brain....

Trek finally moved, but its' at the point where I can no longer ignore the fact that I'll have to rewrite the primary plot heavily because it's way too convoluted. Not that I don't like convoluted, but I'm not sure I can follow it.

In closing--I have to stop reading The SCP Foundation, but it's seriously hard to stop once I start. Start with one file, and I'm done, and I always, always end up scaring myself. It's something about the profeesionalesque language in the form of reports that gets to me. It's also the mundanity of the items. Sure, supernatural creatures are terrifying, but the freaky bottles of water that dehydrate you to death? That shit's not on. I find myself feeling faintly suspicious of my coffee cup--it could turn liquids into acid! For no reason! I read about it!

Yes, I do recommend the site. It takes a few files to get used to it, but honestly, it's utterly fascinating.
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